1. One Sick M

    If you spend a bit of time on any online BMW forum, you'll begin to realize the crazy amount of competition that exists among modified M3s. Making it to the top requires careful planning and execution. This Monte Carlo Blue Individual E92 is certainly a contender to be a lot of people's perfect M3, so let's see why. Besides its rare color, one of the first things you'll probably notice are the 20" HRE 590RS wheels mounted in front of massive color-matched Brembo brakes. That combo on its own is already pretty sweet, but let's keep going. Obviously this M3 is lowered, but it's not just lowered on a set springs; KW Clubsport coilovers provide this E92 with a custom ride height and tuned handling.

    Lift the aluminum hood and you'll be greeted by a beautifully painted ESS VT2-625 supercharger system. Combined with the Akrapovic Evolution full titanium exhaust system, this high-reviving supercharged V8 wont feel even the slightest bit threatened around its younger, twin-turbo I6 siblings. With the introduction of boost, a boost gauge was required; the Awron gauge provided the cleanest and most functional solution for this particular car. Additional information is displayed on the M Performance steering wheel's screen, while the rest of the cockpit has been upgraded in a proper way. Custom painted Performance seats, custom stitched floor mats, carbon fiber, billet aluminum and Alcantara bits give this M3 the oxymoronic feel of a luxury race car.

    The exterior has been subtly adorned with a Mode Carbon front lip and an M Performance trunk spoiler, which features a color-matched pin-stripe, while the quad Akrapovic exhaust tips add the final touches of carbon fiber. In the end, this M3 is high-end, beautiful, functional, meticulously thought-out and insanely fast. This is one sick M indeed.

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  2. Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust Installed on a Supercharged M3

    A couple weeks ago we installed an ESS VT2-625 supercharger system and a set of HRE wheels on this Alpine White M3. Yesterday it returned for an exhaust upgrade. Wanting only the best products for his E92, this customer opted for the Akrapovic Evolution titanium exhaust system, which features high-flow cats, an incredibly lightweight design and an exotic exhaust note. After completing the installation, we strapped this supercharged coupe to our dyno to see if it picked up any additional power. With the stock exhaust system this M3 previously recorded 537whp and 350wtq; with the Akrapovic, it recorded 562whp and 365wtq for a gain of 25whp and 15wtq! This single modification improved almost every aspect of this E92, including weight, sound, looks and power. Check out the video below to hear this beastly M3 in action. Enjoy!

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  3. Supercharged Jet Black M3 Sleeper

    With the introduction of the turbocharged F8X M3 & M4, we've seen quite a few of our E9X M3 customers make the switch to the newer model. However there are plenty of others, like the owner of this Jet Black E92, who want us us to make their S65 V8 more powerful. Like every supercharger installation that we perform, we first strapped this M3 to our Dynojet to get a baseline reading. Producing 319 horsepower and 247 foot-pounds of torque at the wheels, this stock E92 was about 100 horsepower shy of a F8X model. After we installed the ESS VT2-625 intercooled supercharger system, the very same car put down a whopping 533hp & 348ft-lbs at the wheels; that's a gain of 214hp and 101ft-lbs tq! With only an IND painted cosmetic package and a BMW M Performance exhaust system on the outside, this Jet Black sleeper E92 M3 is sure to embarrass almost any F8X M3/M4 that initiates a race. Enjoy!

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  4. Space Gray M3 Gets Lowered & Supercharged

    This mostly stock M3 was dropped off at our facility to get a major increase in performance. The first order of business was strapping this E92 to our Dynojet to get a baseline reading; at 360hp & 265ft-lbs tq at the wheels, this S65 V8 was making healthy power in its naturally aspirated form. We then installed an ESS VT2-625 intercooled supercharger system, which delivers 6.5PSI of forced induction in the most linear way possible. While on the lift, we also installed the popular KW HAS sleeve-over kit and a set of Macht Schnell spacers for a low and wide stance. The car was finished just in time for our most recent Dyno Day, where this Space Gray M3 showed off in front of the crowd by putting down 540whp and 351wtq. With it's OEM ZCP wheels and just a few subtle carbon fiber exterior pieces, this sleeper M3 doesn't warn anyone of what it's really capable of. Enjoy.

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  5. HRE FlowForm Wheels Installed on Supercharged E92 M3

    A couple years ago we installed an ESS VT2-600 supercharger system on this Space Gray M3. This week it returned to our facility for some additional power and a new set of wheels. In the time since this E92 was originally supercharged, ESS replaced the VT2-600 system with the VT2-625 system; by installing a new pulley, belt, injectors and tune, we successfully converted this older system into a VT2-625. Next, we wrapped a beautiful set of matte black HRE FF01 FlowForm wheels in some Michelin PSS tires and bolted them on for a completely new look. The exterior is adorned with BMW's carbon fiber front splitters and trunk spoiler, while an iND painted cosmetic package tidies  up all the loose ends. Still maintaining the OEM suspension, this daily driven M3 is as comfortable, fast and stylish as ever. Enjoy.

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  6. Laguna Seca Blue E92 M3 Build

    This Laguna Seca Blue M3 drove to us all the way from Northern California to get some major modifications. First items on the list for this E92 were the ESS VT2-625 intercooled supercharger system and the Macht Schnell race x-pipe, which rocketed this S65's power output from 347whp/259qtq to a beastly 535whp/359wtq! To slow down from the newly attainable speeds, we installed a StopTech big brake kit behind the 18" Volk Racing TE37SL wheels; 6-piston calipers in the front, 4-piston calipers in the rear. The Mode Carbon GT4 carbon fiber front lip spoiler, Vorsteiner carbon fiber trunk lid and a carbon fiber rear diffuser not only give this E92 an aggressive look, but they'll help add a bit of aerodynamic stability as well. Inside, we swapped the rear seats for a bolt-in roll cage, installed some gauges and a set of Pedal Haus aluminum pedals. Be sure to check out the full list of modifications below to get a complete idea of what this car is capable of on the street. Enjoy!

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  7. The Works for a Frozen White M3 Sedan

    Most of our customers modify their cars in multiple stages, having us install one or two parts during each visit. Others, like the owner of this Frozen White wrapped E90 M3, want everything done in one fell swoop. So many components of this 2008 M3 have been replaced or upgraded that it's essentially a brand new car. It really did get the works.

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  8. Supercharged Sedan Track Machine

    While this Silverstone M3 may be pretty, it isn't out to grab your attention, it's out to pass you. Considering it's fitted with an ESS VT2-625 supercharger system and an Akrapovic Evolution titanium exhaust, it really won't have much of a problem blowing by most cars on a straightaway. Even so, this E90's primary concern isn't all about straight line performance, it's about fast lap times.

    Top of the line JRZ RS Pro coilovers give this M3 its exceptional handling performance, while AP Racing front & rear big brake kits provide lap after lap of fade-free stopping power. A set of APEX ARC-8 wheels wrapped in sticky rubber are used when at the track, but in its street mode this E90 runs the stock ZCP wheels. For its most recent visit to our shop, we took this M3 to the next level of track performance by installing Powerflex Race bushings in the subframe and differential. These hard compound polyurethane bushings eliminate unwanted movement and deliver more power to the tarmac, providing extremely planted and confident driving dynamics.

    Just by looking at it, this subtle M3 won't give you much indication of what's underneath, so consider yourself warned now in case you happen to encounter this sedan on either the street or track. Enjoy.

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  9. Dakar Yellow Liberty Walk E92 M3

    If you've ever taken a good look around the M3Post forums, then you have almost certainly come across Powerbeast's Dakar Yellow M3s. Similar to his previous E90 M3, this E92 (which was prominently displayed at Bimmerfest this year) was built with absolutely no expense spared. If the long, high-end modification list below doesn't excite you, then the photos of this wild E92 just might. Enjoy!

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  10. Yellow Brembo Brakes Installed on Frozen Silver E92 M3

    Prior to its most recent visit to our facility, we've performed quite a bit of work on this Frozen Silver M3. Already equipped with an Akrapovic Evolution exhaust, an ESS VT2-625 supercharger system, KW Clubsport Coilovers and Volk TE37SL wheels, this E92 was finally ready for a proper brake upgrade. For both maximum stopping power and a splash of color, we installed a yellow Brembo GT big brake kit. With 6-piston calipers in the front and 4-piston calipers in the rear grabbing massive 380mm slotted rotors, these Brembo brakes will be sure to stop this 625hp beast at any speed.

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