1. Alpine White E46 M3 Sedan & Touring Conversions

    Alpine White E46 M3 Sedan & Touring Conversions

    When the OEM never made the car you wanted, you get it made yourself. That's what the owner of these amazing custom-built E46 M3 Sedan and Touring did. These Alpine White beauties are complete conversions with S54 engines and 6-speed transmissions. To top it all off, both of these cars are slicktops as well! Truly the stuff of dreams! Which one do you prefer?

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  2. E91 M3?

    These days you don’t have to look hard for a custom ride. Car modifying has been around for years and as technology advances, so does the automotive aftermarket industry. Although, sometimes a build isn’t constructed with entirely aftermarket parts. As a matter of fact, some builds are pieced together to be made in to another model within the same manufacturer!

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  3. Imola Red E46 S54 Wagon

    Here's an excellent reason why you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. While station wagons are rarely considered performance cars, this particular Imola Red E46 has a special trick up its sleeve. It may have a hatchback, but underneath its deceiving exterior are the guts of an M3. Featuring the M3 engine, transmission, interior and suspension, the only things missing from this converted wagon are the badge and maybe some wider fender flares. Fitted with a set of BBS wheels, Brembo Brakes and set of coilovers, this E46 might even surpass a stock M3's handling performance. It isn't hard to imagine that this red wagon gets plenty of double takes on both the street and track.

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  4. Crooks & Castles E39 Wagon

    Remember those custom matte black, laser etched, Crooks & Castles Akrapovic exhaust tips we made? Well here's what they were made for:

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