1. Lime Rock Park Performance

    Simplicity and rarity are two things this E92 has down.

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  2. ESS Powered M3

    At the time of its release, BMW purists were more or less opposed to the new M3. Arguments surrounded the fact that the V8 would make the car too heavy. Producing around 350 horsepower to the wheels, the M3 was a more than capable car for the about 1580kg (3483 lbs) curb weight, comparing to the current coupe, (F82 M4) which has a curb weight of about 1497kg (3300 lbs). The F82 has about 425 horsepower however. Lucky for the owner of this M3, we fitted it was an ESS VT2-625 Supercharger system. The VT2-625 adds quite a significant amount of horsepower, rising the roughly 350whp to about 530whp on this car, making a nearly 50% horsepower increase at about 7 PSI.

    Having a device to display information like boost or oil pressure or various temperatures is essential when having a supercharger in your car. The Awron DGA Guage is the all in one display that does just that. This 20-in-1 gauge is the perfect option for track enthusiasts, supercharged cars or for those just wanting to add some flair and functionality to the M3's interior!

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  3. Laguna Seca Blue E92 M3 Build

    This Laguna Seca Blue M3 drove to us all the way from Northern California to get some major modifications. First items on the list for this E92 were the ESS VT2-625 intercooled supercharger system and the Macht Schnell race x-pipe, which rocketed this S65's power output from 347whp/259qtq to a beastly 535whp/359wtq! To slow down from the newly attainable speeds, we installed a StopTech big brake kit behind the 18" Volk Racing TE37SL wheels; 6-piston calipers in the front, 4-piston calipers in the rear. The Mode Carbon GT4 carbon fiber front lip spoiler, Vorsteiner carbon fiber trunk lid and a carbon fiber rear diffuser not only give this E92 an aggressive look, but they'll help add a bit of aerodynamic stability as well. Inside, we swapped the rear seats for a bolt-in roll cage, installed some gauges and a set of Pedal Haus aluminum pedals. Be sure to check out the full list of modifications below to get a complete idea of what this car is capable of on the street. Enjoy!

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  4. LeMans Blue M3 Gets a Few Performance Upgrades

    This stock LeMans Blue M3 finally came to our shop to get some modifications. The first order of business for this E92 was extracting a bit more power out of the S65 V8. To do this, we installed a set of Macht Schnell performance underdrive pulleys in conjunction with a Macht Schnell catless race x-pipe. Even with the stock mufflers, the Macht Schnell x-pipe really gives an aggressive sound; check out the video below to hear it for yourself. We then focused on the suspension, where we swapped out the stock springs with a set of Swift Spec-R lowering springs, and installed two sets of Macht Schnell wheel spacers. Last but not least, we installed BMW's Edition black chrome kidney grilles and fender gilles, which really tied the whole car together. Enjoy.

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  5. The Works for a Frozen White M3 Sedan

    Most of our customers modify their cars in multiple stages, having us install one or two parts during each visit. Others, like the owner of this Frozen White wrapped E90 M3, want everything done in one fell swoop. So many components of this 2008 M3 have been replaced or upgraded that it's essentially a brand new car. It really did get the works.

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  6. Alpine White M3 on Hyper Blue TE37SLs

    While the Volk TE37SLs are one of the most popular wheel choices we see on M3s, these are probably the first we've seen in this Hyper Blue finish. And, wow, they really do pop on this Alpine White E92! Wanting a more aggressive offset from these 19" Volks, this customer had us install 10mm Macht Schnell wheel spacers in both the front and rear. While we were at it, we also went ahead and installed a Macht Schnell 75mm stud conversion paired with neochrome Project Kics R40 lug nuts. Underneath the car we swapped out the restrictive stock exhaust for a full stainless steel system, comprised of an Eisenmann Race muffler mated to a Challenge Street X-Pipe. For additional power gains, this 6SPD M3 has been fitted with a Macht Schnell Stage 2 Intake under its hood. Like many cars that come through here, an iND painted cosmetic package gives the finishing touches to this clean, eye-catching M3. Enjoy.

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  7. Macht Schnell X-Pipe Installed on Frozen Blue M3

    Everyone's favorite Frozen Blue M3 returned to our facility to squeeze some more power and sound out of its S65. The OEM x-pipe, with its primary and secondary catalytic converters, is the most restrictive component of the M3's exhaust system. By replacing it with a Macht Schnell Stainless Steel Race X-Pipe, the restrictive catalytic converters are removed and the exhaust gasses flow much more freely. This not only results in an instant increase of power and torque, but also sound (watch the video below to hear it for yourself). Extracting even more performance out of this E92, we also went ahead and installed an ESS E-Flash ECU Performance Tune, which increases power and torque, raises the rev limiter, reprograms the throttle management and gets rid of the 155mph governor.

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  8. A Loud M3 Sedan Gets Supercharged

    This 2008 Alpine White M3 came to us for a big boost in performance. First and foremost on this sedan's list: an ESS VT2-625 supercharger system. Before installing the supercharger, this very loud M3 recorded almost 370whp & 275wtq equipped with an AFE intake, Eisenmann Race muffler and Gintani catless X-pipe. After the supercharger was installed, we saw almost 560whp and 365wtq! With all this new found power, it was time to change up the wheels and suspension too. We installed a set of 18" Volk TE37SLs wrapped in stick Hankook Ventus RS-3 tires and the KW adjustable lowering spring sleeve-over kit. These will enable this beastly M3 to put down its power. Listen to this sedan doing a run on our Dynojet below.

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  9. KW Clubsport Coilover System Installed on Silverstone M3

    Now that Eric takes his M3 to he track several times a month, he decided that it was time to upgrade from lowering springs to a proper coilover set-up. While lowering springs offer minor handling improvements such as a lower center of gravity and stiffer spring rates, the race track is much more demanding, especially for an M3 equipped with a supercharger and a big brake kit. His weapons of choice were KW's top-of-the-line coilovers: the clubsports. Offering the maximum level of adjustment and the highest quality components, these clubsport coilovers are a top choice for track enthusiasts.

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  10. TE37SLs Installed on Silverstone E92 M3

    Eric's first visit to our shop was to get a pair of painted reflectors installed; he was instantly bitten by the mod bug. Over the course of few short months, this E92 got a supercharger, a big brake kit, full exhaust system, diffuser, springs and more! This past weekend at California Speedway was this M3's first time ever driving on a track. After the experience Eric wanted some lightweight wheels and sticky tires to match the power and braking performance of the car, so we installed a set of Volk TE37SL wheels wrapped in Hankook RS-3s. We'll have to wait for the next track event to see how they perform, but we expect that he'll be more than pleased with the new level of grip and response.

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