1. 591whp 996 Turbo on our Dyno

    This 2002 911 Turbo came to us to be converted from AWD to RWD. A popular mod for track enthusiasts, the rear wheel drive conversion saves weight, makes the car more agile and allows it to be dynoed on our Dynojet. Equipped with a larger turbo kit, 3.5" intercoolers, iridium spark plugs and a custom exhaust system, this beastly 996 put down 591whp and 588wtq SAE. Check out the video to see how hard this car pulls once the turbos spool up!

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  2. Build Journal: MFEST E60 M5 G-Power Twin Supercharger Install (Part 2)

    Properly installing a twin supercharger on an M5 doesn't take hours, it takes several days. By working some late nights over the weekend, this install is finally starting to come together. SEMA starts one week from today, so everything is being done to finish this car before then! Here are pictures of the progress thus far.

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  3. Build Journal: MFEST E60 M5 G-Power Twin Supercharger Install (Part 1)

    How does one go about properly building an E60 M5 for SEMA? The SEMA floor is packed full of thousands of modified cars from all over the world, and each one is competing for the attention of the crowd. How then do you make your car stand out from the rest? Well if you happen to be owner of this M5 and the founder of the BMW enthusiast community known as MFEST, then you wouldn't be too worried about it.

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