1. 2020 Frozen Grey II G29 Z4 M40i - Dyno

    2020 Frozen Grey II G29 Z4 M40i - Dyno

    After a brief absence on the market, the Z4 is back! This Frozen Grey Z4 M40i stopped by to get some numbers on our dyno. As usual, BMW understated the car's advertised power output (382 HP at the crankshaft) as this stock Z4's B58 generated an impressive 381 horsepower at the wheels! We are definitely looking forward to seeing how much power bolt-ons and a proper tune will yield on this hot roadster. We also hope to see its fixed-roof Japanese cousin stop by in the near future...

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  2. Black E89 Z4 on Volk TE37 Tokyo Time Attacks

    This E89 Z4 SDrive35i is riding on one of the newest additions to the Volk line-up: the TE37 Toyko Time Attack Edition wheels. These 19" 6-spoke wheels feature a Double Black finish (black face with a black clear coat) with a Forged Diamond Mirror Cut Rim (FDMC) for a unique 2-tone finish. As is true with other TE37s, these forged 1 piece wheels are constructed using aproprietary forging technique by Rays Engineering, and are some of the strongest, lightest wheels on the market for many of today's performance cars.

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