Coming to us in its stock form, this Sakhir Orange M3 got quite the list of modifications installed during its visit. First on the list was swapping out the OEM downpipes for a set of Zima Motorsports downpipes. Featuring a catless design and a black ceramic thermal coat, the free-flowing Zima downpipes extract additional power and torque from the S55 and decrease turbo lag. Next we added some carbon fiber pieces to make a more aggressive exterior, including the RKP front lip, 3D Design side skirts, IND kidney grilles, M Performance mirrors, an M Performance diffuser and an M Performance spoiler. Inside, we installed the M Performance steering wheel, DCT shift knob, DCT console trim and handbrake to give this F80 a true motorsport look and feel. IND color-matched front reflectors gave the finishing touches to this clean and sporty sedan. Enjoy!

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