Recently made available at EAS, detailing provided by Mantis Detail. Is your car dirty and you don’t know or want to take it to the car wash? At EAS you don’t have to because now customers have the option of getting their parts installed and then their cars detailed to any level! By appointment, Mantis Detail uses the best materials and tools as well as products for giving your paint a stellar finish!

Using only lab-quality deionized water, details and washes are completed with water that average less than .1 parts per million (ppm). Southern California water averages around 450 ppm. This ensures that your car will not have water spots left on it. A five stage filtration system is installed in the mobile detailing unit ensuring that the water maintains its purity. How about drying? It is typical to dry off a car with a towel or a chamois cloth drying towel but with air, there is no opportunity to introduce fine scratching to the paint. Contact EAS today to schedule a wash and or detail! Can’t make it to EAS? No problem! Mantis Detail will travel to you! Contact Mantis Detail at (213) 221-4953 or (949) 537-2927.