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Torque 88 Silverstone Metallic E92 M3

(Saturday, Nov 28 2015, 05:50AM)

Jam packed with many features, this Silverstone Metallic E92 M3 loves to hit the track. Typically, sitting on two different sets of wheels don’t give the best appearance, however this car can certainly pull it off with its TE37 SL wheels in the rear and Apex EC7 wheels in the front. Running a square setup of 285/30ZR18 with Hankook Ventus V12 Evo tires front and back, this E92 without a doubt grips the road. Aiding in that grip is the APR Racing Front Lip Spoiler, rear diffuser, and the rear wing, when it’s on that is. On the trunk there are carbon fiber rear spoiler rail mounts that allow the wing to be taken on and off for before, during, and after the track day.

Estoril Blue F30 328i

(Saturday, Nov 28 2015, 05:50AM)

An Estoril Blue BMW isn’t a very common sight, let alone this specific 328i, as it has modifications that make it quite the unique car. Wearing VMR V803 Wheels wrapped in Hankook Ventus V12 evo2 Tires as its shoes, the provided color flows very neutral with the Estoril Blue. The wheels don’t take attention away from the gorgeous deep blue, but are also noticeable and provide an aggressive appearance. Adding even more aggressive style to the F30 are the M Performance Front Splitters, Lip, and Trunk Spoiler.

BMW F82 M4 - The Austin Yellow Treatment

(Saturday, Nov 28 2015, 05:50AM)

When released to the public, Austin Yellow was a color that caused quite the stir up. Questions like, “how could they put this color on such a great car?” or “how could anyone pick a different color?” were the common ones to hear. However with time, it appears that although there are still some who disapprove of the color, Austin Yellow has become a favorite among many. This F82 M4 is a more than acceptable visualization of the Austin Yellow color, backed by Black Accents with items from iND’s Cosmetic Package.

2016 Silverstone F82 M4 Fresh Off The Lot

(Saturday, Nov 28 2015, 05:50AM)

Fresh off the lot, this 2016 Silverstone Metallic F82 M4 came to us fully wrapped in the factory lot protection. By fully wrapped, this even includes the interior! However driving the car with a protective film on the steering wheel isn’t quite the best idea, so that was removed. The 2016 model M4 now comes standard with features like Comfort Access Keyless Entry, Satellite Radio, and Harman/Kardon Surround Sound System, but with a bump in the base price. This bump didn’t stop the owner of this M4 from adding some impressive features like the Carbon Ceramic Brakes and BMW Individual Amaro Brown Interior with a White Stitching.

2016 Mercedes Benz AMG GTs

(Saturday, Nov 28 2015, 05:50AM)

The AMG GTs is a remarkable piece of German engineering, with its handcrafted AMG 4.0L Biturbo V8 Engine, 7-speed AMG Speedshift DCT Transmission, Limited-Slip Differential, unique interior, and so on. Mercedes vehicles are known for their class and elegance, especially on the inside. This GTs does not disappoint, showing off its exclusive Nappa leather with Dinamica upholstery seats and many carbon fiber components. Packed with technology, the AMG GTs not only lets the driver control various smaller components on the car, but also the way the car drives. 4 different shift modes are driver selectable, from extreme comfort to sport plus, but then there is a race mode which enables the most direct response from the powertrain as well as a race launch feature.

StopTech on an E92 M3

(Saturday, Nov 28 2015, 05:50AM)

Fitted with a large single piston caliper and drilled rotors, the E92 M3s braking capabilities were questioned when the car first came out, specifically because of the single piston caliper. Although large, driving enthusiasts found the brakes not very effective with extensive track time. The owner of this M3 decided it was time for an upgrade, choosing the StopTech BBK (Big Brake Kit). The chosen StopTech BBK features a front 6-piston and rear 4-piston caliper as well as slotted rotors and stainless steel brake lines.

2011 Alpine White E92 M3

(Saturday, Nov 28 2015, 05:50AM)

The E92 M3, over time, became one of the favorite M3 models to both own and drive. Offering a new style with the classic front engine and rear drive layout, now with a V8, the M3 wasn’t a disappointing car. With owning a car comes personalization, be it performance oriented or just cosmetic upgrades. The owner of this M3 decided on both performance and cosmetic upgrades to make his ride one of a kind..

M Performance M4

(Saturday, Nov 28 2015, 05:50AM)

As aggressive and fresh as the M4 looks from the factory, there is always room for improvement with any car. M Performance parts tend to be the go to parts when it comes to modifying the exterior of the F8X M3/M4. Made by BMW themselves, all of the parts are not only a guaranteed fit, but hold a high level of quality and give a top notch appearance to the car. For some, adding the carbon fiber M Performance splitters and the M Performance front lip make the front bumper the perfect height from the ground, while being on the stock M suspension. If adding the splitters, the mirror caps can’t be forgotten, adding an equally elegant and strong finish to this Mineral White Metallic M4's exterior.

2015 BMW i3 REx

(Saturday, Nov 28 2015, 05:50AM)

Announced as a concept in 2011, BMW’s i3 was the first produced addition to part of BMW's "Project i". Launching as a new brand, BMW i, the i3 is the first automobile that BMW has produced to have zero emissions, with its electric platform. Although the little one of the two ‘i’ vehicles (BMW i3 and i8), the car still comes with many available options and just like the i8, has a frame constructed of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. The carbon fiber isn’t the typical carbon fiber that we see and is a rather simplified weave in order to save on production costs. Because of carbon fibers light weight, the i3’s energy consumption level is highly more efficient than if the frame were to be made of a heavier material.

Whether on the street or on the track, every driver wants to be comfortable. Switching out from his OMP racing seats, the owner of this Silver Grey Metallic E46 M3 decided to throw in some Recaro Speed seats. These Recaro seats aren’t the regular Speed seats by any means, featuring Black Avus Bolsters, Black Avus Insert Material, and a Red Recaro Logo and stitching, as well as a cutout in the center of the seat. Why a hole in the seat? Being a track enthusiast, the OMP seats that were previously installed no longer suited the owner’s needs, whereas the newly fitted Recaro seats now allowed for a 5 or 6 point racing harness.

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