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Here you'll get full behind the scenes access to what happens in our shop on a daily basis. You’ll see supercharger installations, wheel swaps, dyno videos, photo shoots, event coverage and more! Click on any photo to download the high resolution version. Take a look around and enjoy!


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Alpine White F30 with Aero Package

(Wednesday, Nov 25 2015, 04:12AM)

It isn't often that we see a four door car rolling down the street with a menacing front splitter and tall standing rear spoiler, with a terrifying exhaust note. Well this F30 328i certainly doesn't go by unnoticed. Looking closer and closer to each detail of this car we begin to see the owners' preference of carbon fiber. Not only adding good looks, but also some aerodynamic function, are the carbon fiber APR Racing Front Splitter and Rear Wing. One of the most noticeable parts are the glistening carbon fiber kidney grilles. Sitting on a set of Dolphin Grey Avant Garde M510 Wheels, this 328i shows off its red M Performance brake calipers while giving an almost wheel-less appearance when on the move.

E46 Subframe Reinforcement

(Wednesday, Nov 25 2015, 04:12AM)

Although slightly dated, the highly enhanced E46 body looks fantastic in all lighting conditions. The chunky arches hinting at the performance motor sitting underneath the hood bulge, the 4 subtle exhaust tips stemming from the rear, and the aggressive front bumper shown by the bottom eyelids, gives even non-car enthusiasts an idea of what the car is about. Being used like the car should, this Carbon Black E46 was in need of rear subframe reinforcement. With the entire rear underside being removed, it was a great time to upgrade all of the bushings to brand new Powerflex bushings which would ensure the prevention of any unnecessary sounds or wear from appearing from the rear for a long time.

With the newly reinforced rear subframe, this E46 was ready to get back in to action, with its powerful StopTech brake kit. There is no doubt that this M3 look good with its bronze coated M wheels, carbon front splitters, and unique yellow headlight lens covers.

M4 Blackout

(Wednesday, Nov 25 2015, 04:12AM)

In its stock appearance, the F82 M4 is quite an elegant performance vehicle. However, with simple modifications, the Black Sapphire Metallic M4 becomes both stealthy and aggressive. Changing out the rear and front reflectors and the side and kidney grilles with black ones, the M4 instantly enters a sleek and continuous stealth mode, while clearly displaying its M Performance abilities with the pin striping on one of the kidney grilles. Going unnoticed at first, you’ll eventually be sure to see the reflective black M4 badge on the trunk. Simple modifications that go a long way. To aide in making this blacked out M4 aggressive, we equipped it with Macht Schnell spacers, slightly widening the wheel base and allowing the car to hug an overall wider amount of road. Stepping inside, the game changes slightly. A Sakhir Orange with Black Extended Merino Leather, Carbon Fiber Interior Trim, and a special Sakhir Orange stitching is presented.

ESS Powered M3

(Wednesday, Nov 25 2015, 04:12AM)

At the time of its release, BMW purists were more or less opposed to the new M3. Arguments surrounded the fact that the V8 would make the car too heavy. Producing around 350 horsepower to the wheels, the M3 was a more than capable car for the about 1580kg (3483 lbs) curb weight, comparing to the current coupe, (F82 M4) which has a curb weight of about 1497kg (3300 lbs). The F82 has about 425 horsepower however. Lucky for the owner of this M3, we fitted it was an ESS VT2-625 Supercharger system. The VT2-625 adds quite a significant amount of horsepower, rising the roughly 350whp to about 530whp on this car, making a nearly 50% horsepower increase at about 7 PSI.

Having a device to display information like boost or oil pressure or various temperatures is essential when having a supercharger in your car. The Awron DGA Guage is the all in one display that does just that. This 20-in-1 gauge is the perfect option for track enthusiasts, supercharged cars or for those just wanting to add some flair and functionality to the M3's interior!

Akrapovic - A Light Weight Upgrade

(Wednesday, Nov 25 2015, 04:12AM)

An exhaust system is a mod done by many to not only increase power, but also improve the sound. This was exactly the case when we fitted this Austin Yellow F82 M4 with an Akrapovic Exhaust System, giving the car an iconic Akrapovic sound! Upon opening the valves and giving a couple revs, the owner of this M4 was most certainly pleased. Akrapovic rates even this slip on line of systems at about a 7.3 horsepower increase at 4,400 rpm and a 12.8 lb-ft torque increase at 2,350rpm. The slip on system weighs approximately 6.6 lbs lighter than the stock muffler section. With these specifications, there is definitely a gain in performance with the Akrapovic system. Coming with the Akrapovic system are the iconic carbon fiber tips. To match these tips, carbon fiber front splitters, and carbon fiber M Performance rear spoiler, the owner decided on adding some carbon fiber mirror caps.

Space Grey E92 M3 - The Weekend Racer

(Wednesday, Nov 25 2015, 04:12AM)

When tracking a car there are many components that can determine your lap time. Maximizing speeds in the corners, having the power to get up to speed on a straight, and most importantly, braking for corners, other drivers, or in emergency situations are some of the biggest factors. Since the owner of this M3 loves to take it out on the track, a brake upgrade was necessary. Equipped with an AP Racing brake system, this M3 doesn’t have to worry about brake fade or not being able to stop. Size matters when on the track because of the heat that is disbursed throughout the rotors when applying the brakes. Comparing the AP Racing BBK (Big Brake Kit) to the OEM equipment, the AP Racing BBK front calipers contain 6 pistons and slotted rotors versus the single piston and solid rotor from the factory.

To lose some weight and also increase grip the owner decided on Apex ARC 8 Wheels and Nitto NT01 Tires 275/35/ZR18 Front and Rear. Increasing performance slightly with its AFE Carbon Intake and Vorsteiner Type 1 Exhaust, this M3 for sure gives a good yet responsive exhaust note. Entering the car, the driver is immediately reminded that they are in an M Performance vehicle because of the M Performance Steering Wheel and stitching on the handbrake.

Sleek and Aggressive 428i

(Wednesday, Nov 25 2015, 04:12AM)

Although the 428i Gran Coupe has 4 doors, it still rivals its two door counterpart in performance, but provides a more spacious and elegant saloon style. This allows for sharing of the 240-hp and 255 lb-ft of torque at only 1,250 rpm from the 4-cylinder TwinPower Turbo 2.0L, with up to 4 others. To further increase the handling performance and aide in the aggressive yet sleek look of this Gran Coupe, we fitted it with a set of KW Coilovers and also equipped it with Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 Tires for increased grip.

A luxury of the 4-series is the customization that is available, allowing each owner to really make a car their own. The owner of this Gran Coupe decided to add many M Performance parts such as 19" Light Alloy Wheel Double-spoke M Wheels, M Door Sill Finishers, M Steering Wheel, and M Sideskirts. To keep a consistent color scheme that the M Performance parts added, we replaced the kidney and side grilles with black ones and reflectors with color matched ones from iND.

Exhaust Tuning an M4

(Wednesday, Nov 25 2015, 04:12AM)

This M4 gives a stock appearance however, quite the opposite is true. There are many parts to a complete exhaust system, but downpipes are a quick upgrade that can also increase performance. We installed Evolution Racewerks Downpipes on this M4 also adding as ESS E-Tronic Tuner and Macht Schnell Exhaust Valve Control Module. Whether you want your exhaust to be loud or quiet, the Macht Schnell EVC Module allows for full control over the exhaust at the touch of a button. A large horsepower increase of 50-60 whp is readily made available with the ESS E-Tronic Tuner that we installed in this car. Thanks to the E-Tronic, which has a sophisticated multi channel controller that has RPM and MAF integration, there is full control of boost at all RPM ranges and proper AFR calibrations that don't require splicing in to any factory wiring.

For the Track and the Street

(Wednesday, Nov 25 2015, 04:12AM)

Racing is a luxury that many BMW enthusiasts enjoy. The E92 M3 is no doubt a capable track car in its stock form, however the owner of this one wanted to be able to push his car even more. Equipped with an ESS Supercharger, this M3 can power out of any corner. To further decrease lap times, this M3 needed to get some more grip. TE37 wheels wrapped in Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 R tires, Takata Racing Seats and Harnesses, and Pedal Haus Aluminum Pedals were the go to options for shedding some weight, increasing grip and safety, as well as adding to the black on orange color scheme. Immediately noticeable, the aerodynamic package by CRZY Engineering and APR Performance adds both function and aggressive styling to this M3. For increased safety, this M3 has also been equipped with roll cage.

For the owner, not being able to race 24/7 is a slight disappointment however, still being a street legal car, street driveability was crucial. The M Performance Steering Wheel wrapped in alcantara once again aides in increased hand grip and control on the track, but also provides the driver with the comfort and control of any other BMW steering wheel.

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Roadster

(Wednesday, Nov 25 2015, 04:12AM)

Born as a successor to the Mercedes Benz 300 SL Gullwing, the SLS AMG packs a monstrous 6.2L V8 motor,channeled through a rear-axle-mounted seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox. Although this model doesn't feature gullwing doors, that doesn't detract from the beautiful exterior finish and design of the vehicle. Both the interior and exterior are a work of art. Engine development and assembly for the SLS AMG is done strictly by one of 50 AMG Master Engine Builders and each builder places a placard on the engine, signifying the completion of the heart of the car. Featuring an active rear wing, we equipped this SLS with a Renntech Carbon Fiber Front Lip Spoiler as well as a Brabus Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler to add not only even more aggressive style, but also increased aerodynamic function.

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