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Here you'll get full behind the scenes access to what happens in our shop on a daily basis. You’ll see supercharger installations, wheel swaps, dyno videos, photo shoots, event coverage and more! Click on any photo to download the high resolution version. Take a look around and enjoy!

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Frozen Chrome M4 Gets a Full Akrapovic Exhaust

(Sunday, Aug 30 2015, 03:53PM)

This M4 caught everyone's attention when it rolled into the shop; we've never seen anything like it! Featuring a unique matte chrome vinyl wrap, this stunning F82 came to us for an exhaust upgrade. Wanting the only the best for their BMW, this owner opted for the popular Akrapovic Evolution titanium exhaust system along with a set of Akrapovic stainless steel downpipes. This high-end combination provides massive weight savings, less restriction and a lot more sound. And the beautiful matte finish carbon fiber tips really pop against the luminous vinyl wrap. The exterior has been adorned with some M Performance goodies, including the carbon fiber rear spoiler and the carbon fiber front spoilers, and even though the rest of the car is chromed, the OEM kidney grilles and side markers were swapped with some gloss black replacements. Now that it has a new Akrapovic exhaust system, this M4 will turn the heads of anyone with eyes or ears. Enjoy!

Sakhir Orange M4 with a Remus Exhaust

(Sunday, Aug 30 2015, 03:53PM)

This stock M4 came to our shop searching for a louder exhaust. Wanting something with a deep tone, clean looks and at a reasonable price point, the natural choice for this F82 was the new Remus sport slip-on exhaust system. This particular exhaust system features the matte finish carbon fiber quad tips, which offer the perfect amount of contrast against the vibrant Sakhir Orange paint. After we installed the exhaust we then plugged in the Macht Schnell EVC module, which allows for full on-the-fly operation of the exhaust valves. Now this M4 can be quiet and civilized when it needs to be, but with the single press of a button it will unleash its inner beast. Enjoy.

A set of wheels and coilovers goes a really long way in changing the overall look and feel of a vehicle. Take a look at this E90, which dropped by to get some APEX wheels and ST coilovers. The PS-7 wheels, like all other APEX wheels, are constructed using a flow-forming process to create a very strong, yet very lightweight product. These 19" examples, finished in Anthracite, look absolutely perfect against the sedan's Jet Black exterior. For a lower ride height we installed the popular ST Speedtech coilovers, which are manufactured by KW, and will really sharpen up the handling characteristics of this 335i. Together, these wheels and suspension give this E90 a whole new sporty style. Enjoy.

Frozen Mineral Gray F80 M3

(Sunday, Aug 30 2015, 03:53PM)

Frozen colors aren't yet available from BMW for the F8X, but that didn't stop this customer from getting a very similar result. Originally Mineral Gray, this M3 has been wrapped using a special matte finish protection film, which created this beautiful Frozen finish. Even when you take a closer look, this F80 really does look like it came this way from the factory. Check out these photos from a dyno session and enjoy!

This clean Alpine White 650i stopped by the shop to get four of our most popular modifications. The first order of business was giving this 6-series a more aggressive stance, which was quickly accomplished by installing a set of H&R sport lowering springs and some Macht Schnell wheel spacers. We then focused on the exterior, where we installed IND's painted front reflectors and the M Performance gloss black kidney grilles. With just these four basic modifications, this F13 now has the sporty looks to go along with its twin turbo V8 under the hood. Enjoy.

Alpine White Vorsteiner E92 M3

(Sunday, Aug 30 2015, 03:53PM)

Vorsteiner definitely knows how to make an M3 look great; just take a look at this Alpine White E92 featuring a collection of their parts. One of the first things you might notice are the Carbon Graphite V-FF 103 wheels. These wheels are constructed using flow-forging technology for increased strength and decreased weight, and they feature aggressive, concave faces. Combined with a set of KW V3 coilovers, the Vorsteiner wheels give this coupe its proper stance. Up in front, the GTS-V carbon fiber lip spoiler adds a bit of sporty styling and improved aerodynamics. In the rear, you'll find a matching GTS-V carbon fiber diffuser and the popular CSL style carbon fiber trunk. Matte black kidney grilles, side markers and IND painted reflectors give the finishing touches to this clean and elegant M3. Enjoy!

This Yas Marina Blue F82 knocked out most of the major modifications with a single visit. Like most others that we've worked on, this M4 wanted to be lower and wider. Rather than just going with lowering springs and spacers, this car bumped itself up a notch by getting a set of KW V3 coilovers and Volk ZE40 wheels. We then removed the OEM exhaust and installed the new Remus sport full exhaust system, which features an distinctly exotic sound and 102mm chrome exhaust tips. Next, the exterior received a Vorsteiner carbon fiber front lip spoiler along with an M Performance carbon fiber rear diffuser, both of which added some nice contrast and accentuated the coupe's aggressive body lines. Finally we installed the ever popular gloss black kidney grilles and side markers to get rid of the OEM chrome trim. In just a day, this stock M4 was transformed into a head-turning beast that will surely handle like its on rails. Enjoy!

Silverstone M4 Gets the Essentials

(Sunday, Aug 30 2015, 03:53PM)

This Silverstone F82 dropped by to get all the essential modifications taken care of in a single visit. Like many of the other M cars we work on, this M4 was in need of a lower and wider stance. To accomplish this we installed a set of H&R sport lowering springs along with a set of Macht Schnell spacers, which dropped the car by a full inch and pushed the wheels out to the edges of the fenders. The exterior was then cleaned-up by installing a pair of IND's color matched front reflectors and BMW's M Performance gloss black kidney grilles and gloss black side markers. Some M Performance carbon fiber mirrors give the subtle finishing touch to this clean and elegant coupe. Enjoy.

Sakhir M3 Gets a Set of Downpipes and Some Carbon

(Sunday, Aug 30 2015, 03:53PM)

Coming to us in its stock form, this Sakhir Orange M3 got quite the list of modifications installed during its visit. First on the list was swapping out the OEM downpipes for a set of Zima Motorsports downpipes. Featuring a catless design and a black ceramic thermal coat, the free-flowing Zima downpipes extract additional power and torque from the S55 and decrease turbo lag. Next we added some carbon fiber pieces to make a more aggressive exterior, including the RKP front lip, 3D Design side skirts, IND kidney grilles, M Performance mirrors, an M Performance diffuser and an M Performance spoiler. Inside, we installed the M Performance steering wheel, DCT shift knob, DCT console trim and handbrake to give this F80 a true motorsport look and feel. IND color-matched front reflectors gave the finishing touches to this clean and sporty sedan. Enjoy!

This brand new Alpine White M4 swung by for a new exhaust system. Wanting something nice, this F82 owner opted for the Akrapovic slip-on titanium exhaust system. Featuring full titanium construction, carbon fiber tips and OEM valve control functionality, the Akrapovic slip-on is beautiful, lightweight and exotic sounding. To go along with the tips, we also installed the matching Akrapovic carbon fiber rear diffuser. An IND gloss black painted M4 trunk badge gave the subtle finishing touch for this M4's first visit. Enjoy!

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