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Here you'll get full behind the scenes access to what happens in our shop on a daily basis. You’ll see supercharger installations, wheel swaps, dyno videos, photo shoots, event coverage and more! Click on any photo to download the high resolution version. Take a look around and enjoy!

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Eisenmann Exhaust for a Matte Atlantis Blue 335i

(Sunday, Oct 4 2015, 03:17PM)

The last time we did work on this 335i, it featured a Matte Yellow Plati-Dip paint job. This time around, it features a beautiful matte vinyl wrap that very closely resembles BMW's Atlantis Blue. Wanting to change more than just the color, the owner had us install Eisenmann's stainless steel Performance exhaust system in the "race" spec. The new 102mm polished tips do an excellent job of filling out the rear end, and this N55 powered 335i now has the deep and sporty tone that everyone seems to be after.

Alpine White M3 Sedan get Ohlins Coilovers

(Sunday, Oct 4 2015, 03:17PM)

The owner of this Alpine White M3 was almost completely satisfied with his stock sedan, but wanted better suspension. In order to drastically improve this E90's handling performance without loosing its comfortable ride, we installed a set of Ohlins Road & Track DFV Coilovers. The Dual Flow Valve technology featured in these coilovers allows for a consistent path of flow for both rebound and compression motions. This means that the wheel and tyre can quickly and effectively resume their important position back on the ground after hitting a bump, providing better grip and traction. Along with the coilovers we also installed a set of Vorshlag adjustable camber plates, which let us further dial in the suspension geometry for better track performance. Along with its newly improved handling capabilities, this M3 has also been given a lower and sportier stance.

A Loud M3 Sedan on our Dyno

(Sunday, Oct 4 2015, 03:17PM)

While many of our customers prefer an exhaust system that lies somewhere between too quiet and too loud, some of our customers just want their M3 to sound like an untamed beast. So is the case with this Jet Black E90, which features the Macht Schnell Race Catless X-Pipe mated to a modified OEM muffler section. Essentially a twin resonated full straight-pipe system, this exhaust combination lets the S65 scream as loud as it wants. Also equipped with a pulley, tune and intake, this head-turning M3 recorded a run of 390whp SAE, which translates into the sought after 400whp mark in STD. Watch the video below to hear this unassuming Sedan give it everything it has.

591whp 996 Turbo on our Dyno

(Sunday, Oct 4 2015, 03:17PM)

This 2002 911 Turbo came to us to be converted from AWD to RWD. A popular mod for track enthusiasts, the rear wheel drive conversion saves weight, makes the car more agile and allows it to be dynoed on our Dynojet. Equipped with a larger turbo kit, 3.5" intercoolers, iridium spark plugs and a custom exhaust system, this beastly 996 put down 591whp and 588wtq SAE. Check out the video to see how hard this car pulls once the turbos spool up!

Space Gray E92 M3 on Matte Gray TE37s

(Sunday, Oct 4 2015, 03:17PM)

We've seen these sweet Matte Gray TE37s on some other M cars here before, but we really like how they look on our Space Gray E92. For some reason, the classic TE37 spoke design combined with the aggressive fitment of these wheels works incredibly well on the E9X body. The shade of paint on the wheels is nearly identical to the shade of paint of the car, but the contrast between the matte and gloss finishes makes the wheels pop! Combined with the drop provided by the KW Clubsport coilovers, this M3's low and wide stance really gives off an aggressive presence.

Macht Schnell X-Pipe Installation

(Sunday, Oct 4 2015, 03:17PM)

While a slip-on exhaust system helps an M3 sound great and save some weight, it wont make any significant power gains. The stock x-pipe on the E9X M3, with its primary and secondary pairs of catalytic converters, is the most restrictive component of the exhaust system. The Macht Schnell Stainless Steel Race X-Pipe is a complete replacement and features a catless, high-flow resonated design for maximum power gains and optimal sound. This Mineral White E92 had us mate the Macht Schnell x-pipe to the MXP Mevius slip-on exhaust for a truly awesome sounding M3. Watch the video below to hear this beast for yourself!

New Volk Racing TE37 Ultra & ZE40 Wheels

(Sunday, Oct 4 2015, 03:17PM)

When Volk Racing stopped by our facility to show off some of their new wheels, we jumped on the opportunity to snap some photos for you. On the left is a 20"x10.0" Volk TE37 Ultra, and on the right is an 18"x11.0" Volk ZE40. Both wheels are painted in a unique Matte Blue Gunmetal finish, and feature extensive CNC machining work. According to Volk, these wheels utilize a special manufacturing process to create the new centers, which don't only look great, but also add additional strength and rigidity. Another new feature found on these wheels is anti tire slip knurling on the rims, which is trickle down technology from Formula 1. These wheels will start making their way over to the USA in a couple of months, but for now you can get an up close and personal look at them below.

Moonstone Metallic E92 M3

(Sunday, Oct 4 2015, 03:17PM)

So far we've seen both an F10 M5 and F06 M6 in Moonstone Metallic, but this is the first E92 M3 that we've seen in this finish. Actually, to our knowledge, this is the only Moonstone M3 in the United States. Along with its unique paint finish, this E92 features some uniquely integrated exterior components. In the front, the BMW Performance splitters have been molded with an RKP carbon fiber CRT lip, then the entire assembly has been painted for a seamless installation. In the rear a BMW Performance carbon fiber trunk spoiler has received the same treatment, giving this car an OEM, yet one of a kind appearance.

Before we installed any of the performance modifications we first performed a baseline dyno session, in which this M3 put down a healthy 352whp. Afterwards, we proceeded by installing an Akrapovic Evolution titanium exhaust, an AFE air filter, Macht Schnell underdrive pulleys and an ESS ECU tune. We then strapped the car down for a second dyno session; this time around the car recorded 377whp - a 25whp gain! Helping to slow down this M3 are a set of European market Brembo GT brakes finished in a motorsport inspired color scheme. Inside, the unique white stitched interior has been improved with the installation of a BMW Performance Alcantara steering wheel. A set of our H8 LED angel eyes were installed to get rid of the stock yellow rings, giving the finishing touches to this beautiful M3.

Black Sapphire M6 Upgrades to Akrapovic

(Sunday, Oct 4 2015, 03:17PM)

The F13 M6 is a harmonious blend of luxurious comfort and sporty performance. While its stock exhaust system is pretty decent, it was obviously designed to be more comfortable than sporty. Recognizing this, the owner of this Black Sapphire M6 coupe decided to upgrade the stock exhaust to something much better: the Akrapovic Evolution Titanium exhaust system. Made entirely out of aircraft grade titanium, the Evolution system instantly saves 27lbs and gains 10hp/12.5tq. The exhaust note is dramatically improved, allowing the S63tu to show off its beastly nature while still maintaining the stock Valvetronic system. To top everything off the exhaust is just beautiful; the larger polished titanium tips give the rear a more aggressive, filled-out look. Enjoy.

Ohlins Coilovers for a Road & Track M3

(Sunday, Oct 4 2015, 03:17PM)

For daily driven cars that make their way to the track on the weekends, the Ohlins Road & Track coilover system is the perfect solution. Featuring dual flow valve (DFV) technology, these Ohlins coilovers offer superior handling without sacrificing daily comfort. To get the most from the new suspension, we dialed-in a 50/50 weight distribution with a corner balancing service, and then configured a performance alignment using the Vorshlag adjustable camber plates. To further improve its handling capabilities, this Jerez Black M3 is equipped with a set of lightweight Volk Racing TE37SLs wrapped in super sticky Hankook RS-3s. Exterior modifications are sublte, consisting of an IND painted cosmetic package, front splitters, a rear diffuser, a trunk spoiler and our larger exhaust tips. On the inside, BMWPedals billet DCT paddles have been mated to a BMW Performance Alcantara steering wheel for a proper motorsport look and feel. The end result is a subtle, double-duty E92 that's capable of grabbing groceries and setting lap times.

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