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Here you'll get full behind the scenes access to what happens in our shop on a daily basis. You’ll see supercharger installations, wheel swaps, dyno videos, photo shoots, event coverage and more! Click on any photo to download the high resolution version. Take a look around and enjoy!


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Cool & Clean Alpine White E92 M3

(Thursday, Nov 26 2015, 07:36PM)

This beautiful M3 is equipped with a modification list that is sure to envoke envy among M3 owners. To start, this E92 is fitted with a set of KW V3 coilovers and BBS LM-R wheels for a low and wide stance. To match the OEM carbon fiber roof, this Alpine White M3 is fitted with a Mode Carbon V1 GTS front lip, Downforce USA side skirts, the Varis System 1 diffuser, a Vorsteiner vented hood and a Vorsteiner Aero trunk. Underneath the car is an Eisenmann stainless steel exhaust system featuring polished LeMans tips and a "Race" sound level. On the inside we installed the BMW Electronic Performance Alcantara steering wheel, which has a multifunctional display and integrated shift lights. bmwpedals Extended Billet DCT Paddle Shifters with red painted inserts compliment the new steering wheel.

BMW F10 M5 Desktop Wallpapers

(Thursday, Nov 26 2015, 07:36PM)

Continuing our recent influx of official BMW wallpapers, here are 23 jaw droppingly beautiful F10 M5 photos. Enjoy.

Spacers for a Deep Green E90

(Thursday, Nov 26 2015, 07:36PM)

As far as we can recall this is actually the first Deep Green BMW that we've had at our facility. Like all BMWs, this 325i was in desperate need of some wheel spacers. In order to get the stock 17" wheels to fill out the fenders, we installed a set of Macht Schnell 15mm spacers in the front and 20mm spacers in the rear. Just by pushing the wheels out to their proper place, this uniquely colored sedan has dramatically improved its look.

METAK Diffuser Installed on Alpine White E92 M3

(Thursday, Nov 26 2015, 07:36PM)

Featuring triple fins and an OEM-like textured black finish, the METAK ABS rear diffuser adds a nice touch of aggressive styling to this Alpine White M3. To further improve the rear end of this E92, we also installed a set of our own 80mm stainless steel exhaust tips finished in a black thermal coat. While almost every other diffuser would look best with "diffuser length" exhaust tips, the METAK diffuser doesn't extend past the bumper, so we thought that these "stock length" tips would work perfectly. The combination of the black diffuser and tips creates a subtle motorsport-inspired look while adding some sporty contrast.

BMW E92 M3 Art Car Desktop Wallpapers

(Thursday, Nov 26 2015, 07:36PM)

Here are some more official BMW photos for your wallpaper collection, featuring Jeff Koon's E92 M3 Art Car.

ESS VT2-625 Supercharger for a Highly Modified M3

(Thursday, Nov 26 2015, 07:36PM)

We featured this Alpine White M3 on our blog last year and noticed that that it quickly became a fan favorite. It's pretty easy to see why. After all, it isn't everyday you see an M3 with an Akrapovic GT4 exhaust system, a VRS System 1 diffuser, BBS FI wheels, Brembo brakes, KW Clubsport coilovers, a Mode Carbon lip and Recaro Pole Position seats. Just when you thought this BMW was as good as it gets, we went ahead and made it better. During it's most recent visit to our facility we installed the ESS VT2-625 supercharger system and introduced this E92 to a whole new world of power. With the supercharger system installed, this M3 picked up 170 horsepower at the wheels and made as much torque as it did power when it was NA! Because this M3 is already equipped with upgraded brakes, wheels and suspension, the neck-snapping acceleration will fit right in.

BMW F83 M4 Desktop Wallpapers

(Thursday, Nov 26 2015, 07:36PM)

BMW just released these stunning photos of the new F83 M4 Convertible. Enjoy!

Niche Essen Wheels Installed on F13 650i

(Thursday, Nov 26 2015, 07:36PM)

Wanting a set of great looking, affordable 20" wheels, the owner of this Alpine White 650i xDrive opted for a set of Niche Sport Series Essen wheels. Featuring a concave face, a motorsport inspired 10-spoke design and a clean matte black finish, the Essen wheels work perfectly on this F13 650i. For some additional contrast, the OEM chrome kidney grilles have also been swapped with BMW M Performance gloss black replacements.

Estoril Blue E36 M3

(Thursday, Nov 26 2015, 07:36PM)

Recently acquired from Washington, the new owner brought this 1998 Estoril Blue E36 to us for new wheels and new suspension. We installed the adjustable KW V2 coilovers along with a set of lightweight 18" APEX ARC-8 wheels wrapped in new tires for dramatically improved handling performance. With it's sporty ride height, concave CSL inspired wheels and super clean exterior, this 2nd generation M3 still looks and drives great even after 16 years.

Silverstone Metallic M6 Gran Coupe

(Thursday, Nov 26 2015, 07:36PM)

While a large majority of our customers prefer to modify their M cars to be faster and sportier, some of our customers would much rather go against the grain. Such is the case with this beautiful Silverstone Metallic F06 M6. Featuring a set of 26" floating-face Shokka wheels, custom chrome accents and a Loius Vuitton paint job, this Gran Coupe attempts to redefine what modifying BMWs is all about. Take a quick moment to drool over this dream car and enjoy your April Fool's Day!

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