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Here you'll get full behind the scenes access to what happens in our shop on a daily basis. You’ll see supercharger installations, wheel swaps, dyno videos, photo shoots, event coverage and more! Click on any photo to download the high resolution version. Take a look around and enjoy!

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Yas Marina Blue M4 Gets Akrapovic Downpipes

(Friday, Oct 9 2015, 03:11AM)

After its previous visits, in which it was fitted with Apex wheels, KW suspension, an Akrapovic exhaust and some exterior pieces, this Yas Marina Blue M4 returned for a set of downpipes. To correspond with its Akrapovic Evolution titanium exhaust system, this F82 opted for the new Akrapovic stainless steel catless downpipes. This being the first set of Akra downpipes we've had the opportunity to install, we were blown away by their craftsmanship upon opening the box. Featuring laser cut flanges, cast ends with integrated O2 bungs, OEM quality heat shielding and flex joints, these downpipes are certainly on par with Akrapovic's usual standard of excellence. Once installed, we strapped this M4 to our dyno, where it put down 442hp and 433ft-lbs tq at the wheels without a tune. It also made quite a bit of noise as well! Check out the video below to hear this F82 in action. Enjoy.

Mineral Gray M4 on Gunmetal VMR V810 Wheels

(Friday, Oct 9 2015, 03:11AM)

Mineral Gray looks fantastic with a set of darker colored wheels. Recognizing this, the owner of this M4 went for a set of the popular 19" VMR V810 flow formed wheels finished in gunmetal. Combined with a set of H&R sport lowering springs and some wider Bridgestone Potenza tires, these VMR wheels give the car its aggressive and sporty stance. While it was here, we strapped this JB4 equipped F82 to our dyno to see what numbers it would put down. With some E85 mix fuel in the tank, it recorded 503hp and 518ft-lbs tq at the wheels! Take a quick look at this stealthy and powerful example of an M4 below. Enjoy.

Alpine White 1M gets Brembo Brakes

(Friday, Oct 9 2015, 03:11AM)

This Alpine White baby M car returned for some big boy brakes. Having previously been here for exhaust, coilovers, wheels and exterior mods, it was finally time to add the finishing touch to this built E82. Opting for a set of red Brembo GT brakes with 380mm Type 3 rotors, this 1M not only looks amazing, but it will probably pull your face off under hard braking. Enjoy!

A Beautiful Sakhir Orange F80 M3

(Friday, Oct 9 2015, 03:11AM)

Carbon ceramic brakes: check. Carbonstructure cloth interior: check. 6SPD manual transmission: check. This Sakhir Orange M3 was built as driver's car, and that driver came to our facility for some upgrades. To get rid of the stock wheel gap and the sunken-in wheel look, we installed a set of H&R sport lowering springs in conjunction with some Macht Schnell spacers. Together they give this sedan its sporty and aggressive stance while improving its handling performance. Inside, we installed our new carbon fiber seat shells to go along with the OEM carbon fiber trim. The exterior has been fitted with the popular basics, including M Performance gloss black kidney grilles and side markers, along with IND color matched front and rear reflectors. The end result is a beautiful example of how the right modifications can bring an M car to the next level. Enjoy!

Remus Sport Exhaust System for F8X M3 & M4

(Friday, Oct 9 2015, 03:11AM)

Remus presents a brand new, unique exhaust option for the F8X M3 & M4. The 5mm wider stainless steel X-pipe and connecting pipe eliminates the front silencer and secondary catalytic convertors. This deletion adds a rumble to the S55 engine and simultaneously amplifies the turbo spool to make it a distinct part of the powerful exhaust note. The rear muffler construction is inclusive of laser-cut brackets to mount the F8X M3/M4 exhaust valves and controllers from the OEM unit. This design seamlessly integrates the F8X Sport and Sport + settings with the REMUS unit and allows for the dynamic valves to open based on engine RPM and the driver selected Sport mode setting.

The system is available in an axle-back configuration which includes only the rear silencer & tips or as a full down-pipe back system inclusive of X-pipe and connecting pipe. There are four different tip options, allowing you to customize the look of the exhaust for your individual car. Watch the video below to hear this new exhaust in action!

In a quest for additional power and a louder sound, this Yas Marina Blue F82 dropped by for a full new exhaust set-up. For the sake of maximizing exhaust flow and minimizing turbo lag, we replaced the restrictive OEM downpipes with a set of Evolution Racewerks stainless steel catless downpipes. We then mated the new downpipes to an Akrapovic Evolution titanium exhaust system for additional free-flowing performance and substancial weight savings. In order for the S55 to get the most out of a new exhaust system it needs a tune; in this case, we installed the popular BMS JB4. The last step of this M4's first visit was cleaning up the exterior with gloss black kidney grilles, side markers and a trunk badge, along with installing the M Performance carbon fiber spoiler. In a few hours time, we took this stock F82 and transformed it into a beastly street machine. We're sure we'll be seeing it again soon. Enjoy.

Gray White M6 Gran Coupe on the Dyno

(Friday, Oct 9 2015, 03:11AM)

Just take one look at this M6 and you'll know it's a beast. Featuring a unique Gray White vinyl wrap, a full Vorsteiner carbon fiber aero kit, forged ADV.1 wheels and a slammed stance, this Gran Coupe hints that it has some additional horsepower under its hood. Thanks to a set of AMS catless downpipes, an ECU tune and a full Meisterschaft exhaust system, this M6 showed off by putting down 627hp and 544ft-lbs tq at the wheels on our Dynojet. Do a bit of math and you'll see that those numbers equate to roughly 750hp at the crank - in a sedan! To finish off the package, the black leather interior has been fitted with the awesome M Performance electronic steering wheel and a matching carbon fiber DCT shift knob. Enjoy!

Sakhir Orange M4 Gets Lowered and Widened

(Friday, Oct 9 2015, 03:11AM)

A few months ago we had the opportunity of installing the full BMW M Performance aero package on this Sakhir Orange F82. Recently it returned to our facility for a couple of suspension modifications. In order to get the perfect dialed-in ride height we installed the KW HAS sleeve-over lowering kit, which retains the OEM EDC functionality and allows for independent ride height adjustment. To complete this M4's stance we then installed a set of Macht Schnell wheel spacers, 15mm in the front and 12mm in the rear, to push the OEM wheels out to their proper place. The new sporty stance combined with the M Performance carbon fiber goodies really makes this Sakhir Orange F82 stand out. Enjoy.

Mecedes-Benz SLS 63 AMG on our Dyno

(Friday, Oct 9 2015, 03:11AM)

When we scheduled this SLS 63 AMG for a dyno session, we were expecting it to be an understated Mercedes color. Something like silver, black, burgundy red, etc. Instead we were surprised with this extraordinary Austin Yellow-like metallic finish, which blew our minds when we were told it was a vinyl wrap. It has to be, by far, the highest quality wrap we've ever seen; even up close and in person it's really hard to believe it isn't a paint job. Like most of the BMWs we see here, this SLS had all of it's chrome exterior trim pieces painted gloss black for a sleek and aggressive style. It's been lowered on a set of KW V3 coilovers and fitted with a set of ADV.1 forged wheels, which have been wrapped with some truly massive 375/20/21 tires in the rear. Performance wise, this AMG features an ECU tune and headers by Weistec Engineering along with a custom valvetronic exhaust system. And yes, it is loud. On our dyno, this naturally aspirated beast put down 539hp and 453ft-lbs torque at the wheels! We shot plenty of video footage and photos so you could drool over this car as much as we did when it was here. Enjoy!

A couple weeks ago we installed an ESS VT2-625 supercharger system and a set of HRE wheels on this Alpine White M3. Yesterday it returned for an exhaust upgrade. Wanting only the best products for his E92, this customer opted for the Akrapovic Evolution titanium exhaust system, which features high-flow cats, an incredibly lightweight design and an exotic exhaust note. After completing the installation, we strapped this supercharged coupe to our dyno to see if it picked up any additional power. With the stock exhaust system this M3 previously recorded 537whp and 350wtq; with the Akrapovic, it recorded 562whp and 365wtq for a gain of 25whp and 15wtq! This single modification improved almost every aspect of this E92, including weight, sound, looks and power. Check out the video below to hear this beastly M3 in action. Enjoy!

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