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Here you'll get full behind the scenes access to what happens in our shop on a daily basis. You’ll see supercharger installations, wheel swaps, dyno videos, photo shoots, event coverage and more! Click on any photo to download the high resolution version. Take a look around and enjoy!

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Stealthy 335i Sedan Sleeper

(Friday, Jul 31 2015, 09:22AM)

The owner of this triple black 335i wanted to extract additional power from his N54, but also wanted to maintain its stealthy appearance. To do this, we first installed the popular Burger Motorsport JB4 tuner in conjunction with a set of thermal coated Macht Schnell catless downpipes; together, they add substantial horsepower and decrease turbo lag. Concerned about heat build-up, we then installed the larger Evolution Racewerks intercooler and the twin oil cooler upgrade, both of which were black anodized for additional cooling and a hidden appearance. Having already been fitted with a set of Performance Friction brakes, this Black Sapphire E90 is more than ready to handle its new power. Enjoy.

ST Coilovers Installed on Alpine White E39 530i

(Friday, Jul 31 2015, 09:22AM)

Fitted with a set of HRE C90 3-piece wheels, this super clean Alpine White 530i stopped by to get lowered. Wanting the ability to dial in a perfect ride height, this customer opted to have us install the popular ST Speedtech coilovers. Manufactured by KW, the ST coilovers feature preset settings that provide an optimal balance between performance and comfort, while also allowing for independent ride height adjustment. With it's new lowered stance, this E39 proves that even though a BMW might be a couple generations old, it can still look sporty and modern. Enjoy.

Alpine White M3 Convertible on the Dyno

(Friday, Jul 31 2015, 09:22AM)

Compared to the coupes and sedans, modified M3 convertibles are pretty rare to come by. This Alpine White E93 dropped by our facility for some basic maintenance and a dyno session. Fitted with all the standard bolt-on power modifications, such as a tune, intake, pulley, track pipes and exhaust, this M3 put down 376hp and 271ft-lbs tq at the wheels. Quite a bit of work went into giving this vert a properly unique and aggressive exterior, from the super low stance, 20" wheels, gloss black accents, custom headlights, tinted taillights and carbon fiber all around. This M3 also sounds as mean as it looks, which gives onlookers twice the reason to turn their heads when it drives by. Enjoy!

Mineral White M4 on HRE P101 Wheels

(Friday, Jul 31 2015, 09:22AM)

Bronze wheels and white cars has always been a fantastic combo. This Mineral White M4 shows off its beautiful IPA finish HRE P101 forged wheels while lowered on a set of H&R sport springs. During its stay at our shop we had the opportunity to add some cool additional features with our coding service, and we swapped out the OEM chrome trim pieces with some M Performance gloss black replacements. With a nice set of wheels and just a couple basic cosmetic modifications, this is one sersiously clean and elegant F82. Enjoy.

M3 Built for the Race Track

(Friday, Jul 31 2015, 09:22AM)

We've seen this wild M3 at our shop a few times, but we finally had the chance to snap some photos during its most recent visit. Built primarily for the race track, this E92 features some top-quality performance parts, which include an Akrapovic GT4 titanium exhaust, forged Volk TE37 wheels, JRZ RS Pro coilovers, Brembo GT brakes and a full set of carbon fiber aero. Like most track cars this M3 is fitted with a pair of fixed-back race seats, a roll cage and a rear seat delete. In an attempt to shed ever more weight and add additional cooling, we swapped out the OEM aluminum hood for an ultra-light Seibon carbon fiber vented hood. While this M3 may look a bit too extreme for a lot of people's taste, it must be an absolute dream to thrash on a race track. Enjoy!

Mineral Gray M4 Gets Some M Performance Goodies

(Friday, Jul 31 2015, 09:22AM)

To create a sleek exterior for this Mineral Gray M4 we installed a collection of some of our most popular selling items. BMW M Performance gloss black kidney grille surrounds and gloss black side markers did away with the unwanted chrome trim, while a pair of iND painted front reflectors got rid of the unsightly OEM orange reflectors. On the inside we installed the M Performance carbon fiber DCT knob along with the matching carbon fiber/Alcantara shifter base for a more integrated look and feel. With just a few basic cosmetic modifications, this F82 looks a lot more menacing than before. Enjoy.

VT2-625 M3 on HRE FF01 Wheels

(Friday, Jul 31 2015, 09:22AM)

Recently we've found ourselves busy installing superchargers; one of the most recent to be completed was this Alpine White M3. Coming to us in its 100% bone stock form, we took this 6MT E92 from 362whp to 537whp by installing the popular ESS VT2-625 intercooled supercharger system. While at our facility, we also dropped it with a set of RD Sport lowering springs and mounted up a beautiful set of HRE FF01 FlowForm wheels. iND painted reflectors and a pair of M Performance gloss black kidney grilles add the finishing touches to this beautiful white on black M3. Enjoy!

Alpine White M3 Sedan Gets An Akrapovic Exhaust

(Friday, Jul 31 2015, 09:22AM)

For its very first modification this Alpine White F80 got a new exhaust. Wanting only the highest quality parts on his car, the owner of this M3 had us install the Akrapovic Evolution exhaust system. Crafted entirely from lightweight titanium and carbon fiber, the Akrapovic drops a good chunk of weight off the car while making the S55 sound both louder and deeper. With the modbug biting this hard the first time, we doubt this is the last time we'll be seeing this sedan. Enjoy.

Supercharged Jet Black M3 Sleeper

(Friday, Jul 31 2015, 09:22AM)

With the introduction of the turbocharged F8X M3 & M4, we've seen quite a few of our E9X M3 customers make the switch to the newer model. However there are plenty of others, like the owner of this Jet Black E92, who want us us to make their S65 V8 more powerful. Like every supercharger installation that we perform, we first strapped this M3 to our Dynojet to get a baseline reading. Producing 319 horsepower and 247 foot-pounds of torque at the wheels, this stock E92 was about 100 horsepower shy of a F8X model. After we installed the ESS VT2-625 intercooled supercharger system, the very same car put down a whopping 533hp & 348ft-lbs at the wheels; that's a gain of 214hp and 101ft-lbs tq! With only an IND painted cosmetic package and a BMW M Performance exhaust system on the outside, this Jet Black sleeper E92 M3 is sure to embarrass almost any F8X M3/M4 that initiates a race. Enjoy!

APEX EC-7 Wheels Installed on a Mineral White F30

(Friday, Jul 31 2015, 09:22AM)

This Mineral White 335i swung by our shop for a new set of APEX wheels and a fresh set of Michelin tires. Popular with both the track and street crowd, these flow-formed APEX EC-7 wheels are super strong, lightweight and stylish on any BMW model. In order to maintain an OEM look, the owner of this F30 had us install the original BMW center caps rather than the supplied APEX ones. Simply by upgrading to these beautiful Race Silver 18" wheels and PSS tires, this otherwise stock 335i now looks and drives how a sports car should. Enjoy.

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