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Here you'll get full behind the scenes access to what happens in our shop on a daily basis. You’ll see supercharger installations, wheel swaps, dyno videos, photo shoots, event coverage and more! Click on any photo to download the high resolution version. Take a look around and enjoy!


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HAS & Spacers for an Alpine White F80

(Thursday, Nov 26 2015, 03:58PM)

Low and wide: two attributes that every BMW owner is after. This Alpine White F80 was no exception. Rather than lowering their M3 on a fixed set of lowering springs, this owner had us install the KW HAS kit, which enables independent ride height adjustments. With the low side of things taken care of, we moved onto making the car a bit wider. To do this we installed Macht Schnell wheel spacers, 15mm in front and 12mm rear, to push the stock wheels out to the edges of the sedan's flared fenders. Together, these two simple modifications instantly gave this M3 the proper sporty stance that it deserved. Enjoy.

We Make a Moonstone M6 Roar

(Thursday, Nov 26 2015, 03:58PM)

This beautiful Moonstone Metallic M6 swung by our shop for a new exhaust and some improved exterior cosmetics. Wanting something that would really bring the S63Tu twin turbo V8 to life the owner of this Gran Coupe opted for the Eisenmann race exhaust system, which is hand made in Germany using 100% stainless steel. Further up the exhaust system, we swapped out the restrictive OEM downpipes with a set of AMS stainless steel catless downpipes. The new downpipes will allow for more power, quicker turbo spooling and all around better responsiveness. Like nearly every other BMW that we see here, this F06 lost its chrome pieces in trade of some sleeker gloss black ones, and had its front and rear reflectors replaced with color matched ones. An M Performance carbon fiber trunk spoiler added the finishing touch to this loud and aggressive M6. Check out the video below to hear it roar! Enjoy.

Jet Black E91 328i Gets Supercharged

(Thursday, Nov 26 2015, 03:58PM)

Don't be fooled by the wagon body and roof rack, because at its core this 328i is a true driver's car. Equipped with a 6 speed manual transmission, ST coilovers, APEX wheels and a custom catless exhaust system, this Jet Black E91 came to us in a search for more power. In its naturally aspirated form this car put down 229hp and 211ft-lbs tq at the wheels during its first dyno session. To bump those numbers up, we installed the just released ESS N52 supercharger system. Once everything was bolted-on and the ECU was flashed we strapped it down to our dyno for a second time, where it recorded 288hp and 247ft-lbs tq! That's a 25% increase in power to the wheels. To put those numbers in perspective, we've seen E46 M3s put down nearly identical figures on the very same dyno; in fact when our technician test drove it, he commented that it felt almost exactly like an E46 M3. With its new-found sleeper power, sporty looks and undeniable utility, this is probably one of the coolest BMWs we've worked on. Enjoy!

Remus Exhaust System Installed on an Alpine White M4

(Thursday, Nov 26 2015, 03:58PM)

Unsatisfied with the sound of the stock exhaust system, this M4 owner swung by our facility to swap it out with something better. The new Remus sport exhaust system was the top choice for this F82, as it features both intoxicating sound and fantastic looks all at a very reasonable price point. Constructed using matte finished stainless steel, laser cut brackets and high quality hardware, the craftsmanship of the Remus really surprised us. With four different tip styles offered, this Alpine White coupe went with the carbon fiber option, which go along with the M Performance carbon fiber diffuser, spoiler and front splitters. With the new system installed this M4 not only got the exhaust note it was after, but it also gained some menacing looks as well. Enjoy!

Yas Marina Blue F80 M3 Gets The Essentials

(Thursday, Nov 26 2015, 03:58PM)

For its first round of modifications this M3 swung by our shop for the essentials. The first order of business was eliminating the sunken-in wheel look by installing a set of Macht Schnell wheel spacers; 15mm in the front and 12mm in the rear. Next, this F80 received the M Performance carbon fiber splitters to add some aggression to the front bumper. We then eliminated all the OEM chrome trim by replacing it with a set of M Performance gloss black kidney grilles and the matching M Performance gloss black side makers. A pair of IND painted reflectors got rid of the ugly orange ones, giving the finishing touch to this Yas Marina Blue sedan. Enjoy.

M Performance Silverstone F80 M3

(Thursday, Nov 26 2015, 03:58PM)

When we first had this Silverstone F80 at our shop, we installed the M Performance carbon fiber mirror caps and the carbon fiber trunk spoiler. Today it returned for a few more of BMW's M Performance items. First on the list was was installing the lightweight M Performance titanium exhaust system, which weighed in at just  under 45lbs on our scale. Next we surrounded the beautiful carbon fiber and laser etched titanium exhaust tips with the matching M Performance carbon fiber diffuser.  Finally, we put the finishing touches on this M3 with the M Performance gloss black kidney grilles and side markers. The end result is a gorgeous and aggressive 6MT sedan that still maintains it's 100% OEM status. Enjoy!

M4 Convertible Gets a Full Akra Set-Up & More

(Thursday, Nov 26 2015, 03:58PM)

When this M4 came to our shop for its appointment, it was bone stock with exception to the trunk mounted Aeromotion carbon fiber wing. Once it was on our lift we proceeded to install a full Akrapovic exhaust set-up, which included the Evolution titanium system along with the stainless steel catless downpipes. K&N performance air filters and a JB4 tuner were then installed under the hood to maximize this convertible's power output. Next we installed an RKP carbon fiber rear diffuser, which compliments the Akrapovic carbon fiber exhaust tips nicely, along with the M Performance carbon fiber front splitters & lip. You might notice that this F83 retains its chrome trim and orange reflectors; that's because the owner was explicitly focused on maximizing the car's power and aerodynamics instead of its exterior cosmetics. While this M4 convertible probably won't appeal to the more conservative BMW enthusiast, there's certainly no denying that it must be a blast to drive around Southern California. Enjoy.

Alpine White F10 M5 Fitted with Brembo Brakes

(Thursday, Nov 26 2015, 03:58PM)

This Alpine White M5 swung by our shop for some personalization coding. Fitted with a set of Brembo GT brakes, this F10 has been given additional braking performance along with a subtle dash of red. IND painted front & rear reflectors, along with black kidney grilles and side markers clean up this sedan's exterior for an elegant appearance. Enjoy.

Alpine White Vorsteiner F13 M6 on our Dyno

(Thursday, Nov 26 2015, 03:58PM)

A while back we installed an Akrapovic Evolution titanium exhaust system on this Alpine White M6. Since then, we've seen this F13 undergo a complete transformation. Now featuring the full Vorsteiner carbon fiber exterior kit along with a set of Vorsteiner VSE-003 forged wheels, this is one seriously clean and sexy coupe. Recently it dropped by for a dyno session, where it put down a healthy 572hp and 519ft-lbs tq at the wheels. After its dyno runs we installed a carbon fiber steering wheel trim piece to add the finishing touch on this beautiful M6. Enjoy!

Sleeper 335i Gets APEX ARC-8 Wheels

(Thursday, Nov 26 2015, 03:58PM)

This clean Alpine White 335i came to our facility for a set of new wheels. Wanting an option that was both strong and lightweight, the owner of this E90 decided on the popular 18" APEX ARC-8s. Featuring classic CSL styling and a beautiful hyper silver finish, these flow formed ARC-8 wheels were the perfect choice for this sedan. You wouldn't think so just by looking at it, but this subtle E90 is actually putting down 438hp & 471ft-lbs tq at the wheels; those numbers are actually higher than the F8X M3s & M4s! Because of this we mounted up some sticky Michelin PSS tires, which are the very same ones you'll find on a new F8X. With its long list of unseen modifications and a new set lightweight wheels, this sleeper sedan is ready to run on the street or track. Enjoy!

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