BP Engineering - S55 Titanium Charge Pipe Set - BMW F8X M3/M4


Introducing BP Engineering’s Charge Pipe Set for the 2015+ BMW F8X M3/M4. Worry free boost without fear of damaging the fragile plastic OEM charge pipes.

BP Engineering's Titanium Charge Pipes are an essentially bulletproof solution to the fragile plastic OEM charge pipes. Hand fabricated titanium "pie-cuts" allow smooth transitions and minimal obstructions. Oversized 2.25" piping match up to the factory turbo outlets, ensuring maximum flow without obstruction and creating the ultimate look when the hood is popped.

We offer a build-your-own solution for this product, which allows you to either purchase 2 Titanium Charge Pipes or Titanium Charge Induction Tract separately, or purchase both as a complete set.

Charge Pipes feature 1/8" NPT Bungs for introduction of methanol injection systems, positioned both on Charge Pipes and Charge Induction Tract. Bungs can be used as a boost source if you do not run methanol injection. Perfect place to connect your boost gauge or other devices to.

Note: A $100 inbound freight charge will be added upon checkout.

- Lightweight 2.25" High Grade Titanium Piping
- Titanium Charge Air Induction Tract
- Includes silicone hose couplers and clamps
- Ultra smooth transitions inside/outside f
- Bulletproof construction, torched titanium finish
- CNC machined flanges for leak-free connection
- Includes complete hardware for complete installation
- Integrated meth bung/ boost nozzles
- Clearance for OEM and most aftermarket intakes
- High temp silicone couplers

Models Supported
2015+ BMW F8X M3/M4