Status Gruppe - CSL-Style Trunk Lid - BMW F30 3-Series & F80 M3


The "CSL-Style" Trunk Lid, by Status Gruppe, is the first of its kind on the market. There are two things we dislike about the factory trunk lid. 1. the factory trunk is way too heavy and 2. its not aggressive enough for the styling of the car. With this trunk they wanted to pay homage to the CSL but still keep the square profile that matches the car. All F30 | F80 M3 Trunk lids come pre-drilled so all you have to do it transfer all your factory parts over to the new trunk, only minimal cutting/trimming necessary.

Available in FRP (Fibeglass), Single Sided CF (Outside CF/ Inside FRP), and Double Sided CF (Outside and Inside CF).

Every Single part is pre-drilled / only minimal trimming may be needed.
Extra Lightweight (Starting @ 10 lbs)
Made in the USA (California)
1x1 and 2x2 CF Weave Available

Models Supported:
2012+ BMW F30 3-Series
2015+ BMW F80 M3