EAS - Master Installer Plastic Tool Kit


These tools are designed for prying applications on delicate vehicle surfaces. They are tough enough to pry, but not hard enough to damage. An essential item for anybody performing work on dashboards or any sensitive surface found on a vehicle.

Great for removing bumper panels, installation of parking sensors, they are "the" tool for stereo/dash removal, for the mounting of brackets when the dash must be levered to create a gap, nothing comes close. For door panel removal, they can save time and avoid all those unnecessary marks created when levering plastic trims with the wrong tool.

Stop using screwdrivers wrapped in masking tape!

Our Master Install Tool Kit is a series of soft automotive tools that is used on automotive interior and exterior moldings. Sturdy and will not scratch most plastics., these tools are ideal for other automotive applications such as stereo/alarm installation, glass and body shop applications.

For use in sensitive prying applications such as:
- Automotive Interiors
- Stereo installation
- Dash and trim removal
- Door panel removal
- Automotive Exteriors
- Emblem/Roundel removal
- Trim removal
- Rubber grommet removal
- Any prying application where scratching of base material is unwanted

These would make a great compliment to any DIY tool kit. If you find yourself in need of a pry lever to remove interior trim but fear damaging it, then this kit will likely have the right tool for the job.

Remove door panels, vents, plastic trim or replace your faded roundels without a hint of a scratch. They come in a variety of configurations including wedges and scrapers.