Endless - MX72 Street / Track Compound Brake Pads - Rear


Every material has been carefully chosen for the MX72 in order to produce minimal noise and dust while producing high friction at lower temperatures. The MX72 improves upon the ever-popular CC-X compound in that braking stability is improved at higher temperatures. And yet, the MX72 actually decreases rotor wear. Even pedal feel, which is already typically great with semi-metallic material pads, was further improved upon. The MX72 is the ultimate, dual-purpose, street / light track compound.

The MX72 compound brake pads are designed for dual purpose aggressive street and light track use. Low noise and dust while offering great initial response, great pedal consistency, and high levels of modulation. Targeted for light to medium weight cars and circuits with low to medium top speeds.


- High initial bite
- Excellent stopping ability & temperature stability
- Very good fade resistance
- Long life, rotor friendly
- Exceptional pedal feel & control
- Excellent for spirited street & track use


Set Includes:
- (2) Pairs (4 total) rear brake pads

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Models Supported
2011+ BMW E82 1M
1995-1999 BMW E36 M3
2001-2006 BMW E46 M3
2008-2012 BMW E9X M3
2004-2010 BMW E60 M5
2004-2010 BMW E63/E64 M6
2006-2008 BMW E85/E86 Z4M