KW - HAS Height Adjustable Lowering Spring Sleeve-Over Kit


KW's latest offering to the suspension market is perfect for those looking to dial in their ride height without making the switch to a full coil over suspension system. The unique design allows for each corner to be individually adjustable, making it possible to drop your BMW to the exact ride height you desire.

- Individual ride height adjustment
- 100% Compatible with EDC equipped models

Approximate Front/Rear Lowering:
Front: -0.6" to 1.2"
Rear: -0.2" to 1.2"

Models Supported:
2011 BMW E82 1M
2008-2013 BMW E9X M3
2015+ BMW F8X M3 & M4
2016+ BMW F87 M2
2012+ BMW F10 M5
2012+ BMW F12/F13/F06 M6