Macht Schnell - TPMS/RDC Emulation Module


Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is an electronic system designed to monitor the air pressure inside all the pneumatic tires on all BMWs manufactured since 2006. Within a predetermined pressure level, a RF signal (433mHz) is sent to each of the receivers located in the wheelwells. These systems report an error message to the driver when pressure is low.

Battery-powered Radio Frequency based TPMS have several disadvantages. Batteries eventually become exhausted and represent a maintenance cost to the consumer. Batteries are chemical systems with lifetimes that unfortunately perform very poorly in extreme temperature environments typical of North America and European climates and in aerospace applications. In order to conserve battery life and to conform to various countries communication authority standards for short range radio communications, the power levels of battery powered TPMS are kept very low . As a consequence of these very low power levels, the construction of certain steel belted radial replacement tires and vehicle metallic geometries can block the low power signal transmission paths.

The so-called total cost of ownership for direct systems is much higher than for indirect systems due to battery and wheel changes and broken/damaged parts. Replacement TPMS sensors from your local dealer can be in excess of $300USD/set with the lithium batteries mounted in the sensors with a 5-6 year shelf life. Aftermarket sensors are not generally reliable.

For those that have multiple tire sets for the track, this is simply not practical. Our TPMS/RDC Emulation Module installs in less than 15 minutes and will fully emulate a full-pressure TPMS signal when activated. Module can be activated/deactivated by lifting up on the driver’s side window switch for +5 seconds with the key off.

The Macht Schnell TPMS/RDC Emulation Module is capable of the following features:
- The ability to run racing tires/wheels or other environments in which TPMS sensors are not compatible
- Easy 15-minute installation process with no wire cutting
- Proper emulation of the TPMS/RDC monitoring system
- No dealer visits or coding required after installation
- Completely removable at any time

Note: The Macht Schnell TPMS/RDC Emulation Module will disable the TPMS/RDC monitoring system which complies with the Transportation Recall Enhancement, Accountability and Documentation (TREAD) Act. For this reason, this module is not intended for street vehicles and can result in possible injury or death if proper conditions are not followed. Not compatible with European models.

Models Supported:
2008+ BMW E8X 1-Series & 1M
2007-2013 BMW E9X 3-Series & M3