Parts Installation

We install everything we sell (and more) at our 8,000 sq/ft, five lift facility in Anaheim, CA. If you need a supercharger system, brake kit, suspension or exhaust, we’re the right place to bring your BMW. Our experienced technicians are armed with an arsenal of specialty tools to get the job done right. Contact us for an estimate or to schedule your installation!

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Retrofit Coding

European Auto Source is proud to be your #1 Southern California coding facility! Whether it's a simple Check Engine light or you are looking for full retrofit coding, we are your one-stop facility for all your programming needs.

Why should you choose EAS as your SoCal coding facility?
- Over 10+ years experience in module coding
- Fully Equipped with Autologic Diagnostic Scanner/Programmer
- Autologic Optical Interface (OPS Diagnostic Head)
- Proper Voltage Stabilization maintained with Fronius ACCTIVA Professional Flash (70 Amp)
- Non-biased programming facility, with no fear of warranty rejection. We love horsepower as much as you do!

Autologic Diagnostic Scanner
The Autologic diagnostic tool for BMW vehicles is without doubt the most comprehensive tool to be made available to independent BMW specialists. Autologic BMW is unique in offering full fault code read and re-set, full component activation, electronic control unit procedures, clearing and setting of adaptation values, full coverage of (ECU) control units coding, full programming capability including engine control modules and transmission control modules, adjustment of engine idle, real-time reading of all dynamic data, procedure for engine and immobilizer alignment, procedure for trial substitution of control units and procedure for the fitting of BMW accessories.

Autologic Optical Interface
The Autologic Optical Interface has been designed to program the CCC-A control units on BMW. Connecting directly to the fibre optic MOST bus, the Autologic Optical Interface is able to communicate with CCC-A, CCC-BO, CCC-ASK, CCC-ANT, ULF TCU and MASK ECUs. The Autologic Optical Interface significantly reduces the time to program these control units and further increases the reliability and recoverability of flash updating these control units.

Power Stabilization
Intelligent battery charging systems are very important given the technology of BMWs. We use the Fronius ACCTIVA Series with Active Inverter technology, the only all-round charger which Autologic recommends.

Dyno Testing

Our in-house Dynojet 224xLC dyno is the perfect tool to benchmark your BMW. Based on the 224x dyno, the 224xLC offers the simplicity and ease of use of an “inertia only dyno”, along with advanced testing capabilities of a Eddy Current load style dyno. Perform A-to-B comparison tests to quantify gains from various performance products, or enable the load control feature to perform step, sweep, or road load simulations, being much more effecting than "street tuning".

When performing loaded testing, the Eddy Current Load Absorption Unit option utilizes an integrated Torque Cell to quantify power absorption in an ultra precise and consistent manner. The eddy current unit attaches to the roller drum by way of a splined shaft, for the utmost in reliability, consistency and repeatability.

After a dyno session, we will provide you with highly detailed feedback and information about your car's performance. Accurate readings such as horsepower, torque, boost pressure, exhaust temperature, air/fuel ratio and more will allow you to see your cars improved performance when your new modifications are installed.

Model 224xLC Specifications:
- Maximum Horsepower: 2000 HP
- Maximum Speed: 200 MPH
- Maximum Torque: 2000 ft/lbs
- Eddy Current Load Absorption Unit, Torque Cell, and dynamic load control software.
- Capable of performing loaded tests, including step, sweep, and wind drag simulation.

The Dynojet 224xLC can perform load tests including step, sweep and loaded roll-on.

Atmospheric Sensing Module
The Atmospheric Sensing Module measures absolute pressure, air temperature, and relative humidity. These measurements are used by the WinPEP dynamometer software to correct power and torque measurements to standard atmospheric conditions according to an SAE, Standard, DIN, JIS, or EEC formula.

WideBand Air/Fuel Ratio System
Tuning with a Dynojet dynamometer has never been easier! With the addition of our WideBand Air/Fuel Ratio System, every dyno run can show you horsepower and torque, and the exact air/
fuel ratio. This system is one of the most insightful tuning tools available today! You can easily identify lean or rich trends from idle to redline. Whether tuning a naturally aspirated “all motor” car, or a forced induction screamer, you will know the tune is right.

Eddy Current Load Absorption Unit
When performing loaded testing, the Eddy Current Load Absorption Unit option utilizes an integrated Torque Cell to quantify power absorption in an ultra precise and consistent manner. Loaded test files are then available for review and analysis in the Dynojet software. During a steady state test the dynamometer operator can view torque in “real time”, a great feature when performing live ECM tuning. Additional highlights of this system include a quick and effective calibration routine that can be accomplished in under a minute.

4 Channel Analog Module
The analog module allows (4) additional 0-5v based sensors to be logged during dyno runs. This allows you to display data such as boost and fuel pressure, along side the HP / TRQ channels. Dynojet has a built in sensor calibration routine that makes the set up simple. You can choose from various supported sensors, or input the data from any 0-5v sensor on the market.

Thermocouple Amp
Enhancing the capabilities of the Analog module, the new Dynojet Thermocouple Amp Module is able to convert any Type K Thermocouple into a 0-5v based analog signal and has a range of 0-2000 degree F version.

OBDII Datalink Module
This new device, (DJ-DLM) provides real time data from the OBDII port on all 1996 and newer vehicles. This data is available to be viewed live in the dynamometer software, and is also recorded into the dyno run. Imagine being able to review OBDII data, such as spark advance, throttle position, engine coolant temperatures, inlet air temperature, calculated load, and numerous other parameters right along side your dyno results. In order to see the full spectrum when it comes to tuning a vehicle, your results are only as good as your data. The data from a Dynojet dyno is the baseline against which all other results must be measured. Powertrain management systems in modern vehicles are very complex and can make it difficult to attain repeatable results. Luckily, thanks to another industry first innovation, Dynojet has a solution to give you confidence in your test results. The Dynojet Datalink Module (DJ-DLM) for OBDII applications will allow you to monitor and record critical channels from a test vehicle at speeds up to 200 times per second. This isn’t just a typical OBDII datalogger, but rather a device that covers all 1996+ vehicles and protocols with unparalleled speed.

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S65 Rod Bearing Services

WPC is a proven process that has been utilized for many years in the racing and automotive industry. WPC is not a coating, it is a treatment that enhances the surface to reduce friction and strengthen engine parts. WPC achieves this process by firing ultra fine particles towards the surface of a product at very high speeds. The resulting thermal discharge permanently changes the surface, strengthening structure and creating a harder more durable final product.

The WPC process is unrivalled in treating engine parts and other surfaces that have contact points of friction. WPC is superior because it is not a coating; it is a permanent surface treatment that reduces friction while strengthening the part. It's unique micro-dimple formation pattern greatly reduces friction and is unmatched by conventional methods of surface treatment.

The fine grooves, that are intrinsically engraved into the product surface at the time of machining, are transformed into micro-dimple indentations by the impact of the ultra-fine media during WPC treatment. These dimples then act as oil reservoirs. Thus, oil that would normally drain away, through the grooves in an untreated product, when pressure is applied, is instead retained in the dimples of a WPC treated product. This helps to keep the surface lubricated.

- OEM BMW Rod Bearings with WPC Surface Treatment
- Lower Friction
- Harder and More Durable
- Superior Oil Lubrication

Services Performed
- Inspect/Replace Rod Bearings
- Install Upgraded Connecting Rod Bolts
- Inspect Rod Journals
- Inspect Oil Pump nuts
- Inspect Clean/Flush Oil Pan for debris
- Collect Oil Sample for Analysis
- Autologic QuickReport (determines required updates & scheduled maintenance)
- One-on-One inspection report

Items Included
- WPC Treated Rod Bearings
- ARP Connecting Rod Bolts
- OEM BMW Oil Pan Gasket
- Oil Change & Filter Change
- Blackstone Oil Report

Optional Services
- Replace Spark Plugs
- 240E Software Update

If you would like further information or would like to schedule your Rod Bearing Replacement Service, please call us at 866.669.0705.

S54 Inspection 2 Service

The Inspection 2 Service is a scheduled comprehensive inspection and adjustment service that is to be performed at 60,000 miles.

The Inspection 2 Service includes:
- Engine Oil Change (BMW/Castrol TWS 10w-60, BMW OEM Oil Filter)
- Check engine/transmission for leaks.
- Check rear axle for leaks.
- Visually check fuel tank, lines, and connections for leaks.
- Check condition, position, and mounting of exhaust system. Examine for leaks.
- Check power steering system for leaks.
- Check overall thickness of front and rear disc brake pads.
- Examine brake disc surfaces.
- Clean brake pad contact points in calipers.
- Grease wheel center hubs.
- Check steering for absence of play, condition of suspension track rods, front axle joints, steering linkage.
- Check front control arm bushing for wear.
- Check brake and clutch system connectors and lines for leaks, damage, and incorrect positioning.
- Check for free movement of the parking brake cables.
- Check tire pressures
- Check condition of tires
- Check brake pads
- Half-shafts; check for leaks at flexible boots.
- Inspect entire body according to terms of rust prevention limited warranty.
- Valve Adjustment
- Cabin Filter Replacement
- Transmission Fluid Change
- Differential Fluid Change
- Check engine cooling system/heater hose connections for leaks.
- Check coolant level and antifreeze protection level; add coolant if necessary.
- Check level of brake and clutch fluid in reservoir; add fluid if required.
- Reset Service Indicator.
- Replace spark plugs.
- Replace intake air cleaner element.
- Check battery
- Check instrument panel and dashboard illumination.
- Check all warning/indicator lights, check control.
- Check turn signals, hazard warning flashers, brake lights, horns, headlight dimmer/flasher switch.
- Check wiper and washer system(s); wiper blades, washer jet positions.
- Check condition and function of safety belts.

Models Supported
2001-2006 BMW E46 M3
2006-2008 BMW E85/E86 Z4M

E46 Subframe Reinforcement

One of the common problems that arises in the E46 3-Series & M3 is the weakening or cracking of the rear subframe mounting points in the sheet metal chassis. Over time the loading and unloading of the rear subframe will cause the sheet metal to fail, negatively affecting the handling and power delivery.

By welding a set of steel reinforcement plates onto the chassis the subframe load is distributed over a stronger and larger surface area, thus preventing future failure. This is strongly recommended as a preventative maintenance item for all E46 cars.

Our full subframe reinforcement service involves dissembling the rear subframe, suspension and drive-train components, and prepping, welding and painting reinforcement plates onto the chassis.

Note: This service requires that your car is present at our facility for 3 days. A necessary subframe inspection must be performed to determine it's condition prior to service. Please call us ahead of time to schedule your appointment. Damage repair is an additional cost.

Models Supported
2001-2006 E46 3-Series & M3

Call 866.669.0705 or 714.369.8524 to inquire or schedule an appointment.