Antigravity Group 51R LiFePO4 Lithium Battery For Tesla

Antigravity Group 51R LiFePO4 Lithium Battery For Tesla

In 19 years of tuning/performance in BMWs, we come across a number of products that fill a necessary void in the market or simply do the specific task more efficiently. Since adding Tesla to our lineup, we want to do the same and bring new and innovative products to the marketplace.

While batteries are a hot topic when discussing Tesla, not a lot of attention is focused in the 12V battery. Most would be surprised to find underneath all that tech, pre-2022 Model 3 and Model Y have a lead acid battery hiding underneath the frunk.

On the BMW side, the F8x chassis BMW M3/M4 comes with a LiFePO4 Lithium battery, Porsche also offers a Lithium battery of their own. They pack large power in a small package and have a a significant longer lifespan than their lead acid counterparts. They also cost $1800 from the dealer to replace from the local BMW dealer - if they have them in stock. So we turned to Antigravity, which offers drop-in Replacement LiFePO4 batteries for Teslas which offer similar performance at a significantly lower cost. We've been torture-testing these on both our street and race cars - never skipping a beat. With AntiGravity's fantastic success record on the BMW platforms, we wanted to also bring this technology and experience over to the Tesla side.

We have used the AntiGravity line for a number of years and know the product line well - nearly all our daily and track vehicles are equipped with them. AntiGravity is a well-known name at the track, where a simple battery swap can save almost 50lbs on the BMW platforms. While widely known for their MicroStart Jump Starter accessories, Antigravity Batteries has changed the game again with their latest Lithium-Ion Car Batteries. Antigravity batteries feature LiFePO4 Lithium chemistry and a full Battery Management System (BMS) for the safest, longest cycle life possible. They come in exact-fit OEM size for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y.


- Group 51R OEM Automotive case size (directly replaces stock battery).

- Direct drop in, no brackets or unnecessary adapters needed.

- LxWxH: 9.374 x 5.0625 x 8.8125 inches

- Amp Hour Options: 30Ah (other possible options in future)

- Drop in replacement for factory Lead Acid battery (20-21 Model Y, 17-21 Model 3)

- High Power: 1200 Cranking Amps

- Exclusive RE-START Technology with Wireless Remote Built-In Jump Starting!

- Complete Battery Management System built-in

- Ultra Lightweight: Drops 16 lbs instantly over OEM Tesla 12V battery! The ultralight 30Ah Antigravity RE-START Batteries weigh just over 12 lbs., a 42% weight reduction from the OEM Hankook AtlasBX 12V lead acid battery (28lb).

- Safest Battery Technology using full BMS and LiFePO4 Lithium chemistry


The Antigravity Batteries RE-START system offers the latest technology for the safest, longest life cycle possible. Our superior on-board Battery Management System (BMS) offers Safety Circuitry to prevent Over-Discharge and Over-Charge, and has Short-Circuit protections, while additionally offering Cell Balancing and Thermal protections. These advanced features of our BMS make the battery not only as safe as possible, but also extend the life of the battery by keeping the battery in the prime operating zone and not allowing damage to the battery. Therefore creating the longest possible Life Cycle. From 7-9 years are expected from the Antigravity RE-START Batteries depending on use and climate, while early production Tesla Model 3 and Y are already replacing their 12V lead-acid batteries.

What's different about the Antigravity Tesla line than other models?

A widely touted feature would be Antigravity's RE-START feature, which is a separate battery partition which acts as an integrated jump-start for your battery - never leaving you with a dead battery again. Simply press the RE-START button to trigger the jump start and go. However, this technology isn't really needed on EVs, so the button was repurposed for a different task. The AntiGravity AF-51R-30-RS uses an integrated button which works by AWAKENING the battery so that it can show voltage. Other Lithium battery brands do not have this (such as the Ohmmu Battery) where if if gets below discharge, the BMS enter sleep mode and has to be awakened (jumped) by a separate 12V power source. The AntiGravity battery can be awakened by this button. This is a large advantage because if someone does brick their Tesla, they can awaken the 12V Battery without needing another 12V source.

AntiGravity is actually a TRUE Group 51 Battery size, whereas again, using Ohmmu as an example - is a smaller size. AntiGravity wanted to stay OEM in fitment and not have a smaller form factor. This will allow them to make and even larger Amp Hour Battery option in the future if they choose. Also the Ohmmu has the smaller JAS Type Terminals and comes with Adapters that slide over the terminals to make them fit the Battery Cable connectors on the Car which is a Standard SAE Terminal size that is found on all batteries. .AntiGravity terminals are standard SAE sizes as the Tesla battery connectors are and do not require any spacers, brackets or unnecessary adapters. AntiGravity also uses true all brass SAE type terminals.

AntiGravity Bluetooth Battery Tracker Technology

With the optional Battery Tracker, you can monitor and log your AntiGravity's battery health right from your iPhone. The Antigravity Battery Tracker monitors your vehicle battery status through your phone or tablet by using our free Battery Tracker App (iOS or Android, Bluetooth 4.0). The app has three main pages: Voltage Test, Cranking Test and Charging Test. The simple interface makes it easy to monitor the battery’s voltage, automatically check its performance during starting, and test your alternator’s charging operation. You can view real-time data as well as historical results (31 days) that graphically displays the dates, voltages and more. The tracker will even send a warning to your phone if your battery is getting low and needs a charge. You can choose the alerts and notifications you want to receive.

Why would I use a Battery Tracker?

Aside from giving you the Voltage Reading and providing Starting and Charging system tests, the Battery Tracker can be useful in many other areas:

- The Battery Tracker will allow you to monitor the level of Parasitic Draw on your vehicle’s battery and how fast the battery is discharging. For example if in storage or during the week you find your car is draining quickly you will be able to graphically see this and be alerted to it. If you walk within 30 ft. of your Car the Battery Tracker will transfer the current data to your phone for you to review.

- If your Battery is getting low on energy and needs a Charge you can set the Battery Tracker to Alert you by phone BEFORE you come back to a dead battery and a car that won’t start. This allows you to be alerted to put your Battery on a Charger before it’s dead.

- You can monitor your Vehicle Charge level over the span of 31 days. This allows you to see your level of discharge over the course of a month in storage, but also if you are driving the car you can see the history of when it was started, when you are driving (voltage will be higher due to Alternator Charging), and you can also see each Start the car has done over that period of time and review this on a graph that shows voltage every 2 minutes over the course of a month.

- You can verify if your Vehicle’s charging system is working, this could be useful to home mechanics to verify charging, and also eliminate the charging system as a potential cause of a problem.

- For Racers and Track day enthusiasts it can give data on the battery’s state of charge, and output during time on the track. Additionally for Total Loss systems it can document the voltage decline while in operation.