Mishimoto Performance Charge Air Cooler Manifold For BMW G8X M3/M4

Mishimoto Performance Charge Air Cooler Manifold For BMW G8X M3/M4

The S58 under the hood of the 2021+ G80 M3 has over 45 years of lineage behind it, and it shows in nearly three-second 0-60 times and over 500 horsepower. But like every generation before it, the G80 M3 has the potential to be even more powerful. Bolt-on mods, big turbos, and tunes can push the S58 over the 800 HP mark, but that much power requires serious cooling. Luckily, Mishimoto has developed a charge air cooler manifold suited for serious power.

The stock G80 M3 charge air cooler is…fine. The combination intercooler/intake manifold design is efficient, but it's let down by the tube-and-fin core crimped onto the thermoplastic plenum. Those crimps are quickly becoming a notorious weak point, with many failing at as little as 3 lbs. of boost over stock. The solution is Mishimoto's cast aluminum and TIG-welded manifold with a robust bar-and-plate core, designed to withstand boost pressures over 60 PSI without breaking a sweat.

Reliability aside, the Mishimoto charge air cooler's performance possibilities are nearly endless. Our core is 33 percent larger than stock, and the manifold flows an average of 14-percent better to each cylinder. That, combined with the increased cooling capacity of the bar-and-plate core, results in reduced pressure drop and intake air temps as low as 11-degrees above ambient under heavy load. Our CFD-designed lower plenum also features an internal diverter to ensure the entire core is utilized and each cylinder receives even flow for safe and optimal fueling. The cast and CNC-machined runners feature O-ring grooves to accept factory seals, and we've included a fiber gasket that insulates the runners from engine heat for those seeking every degree of cooling.;

Insane power levels require equally insane amounts of fuel, so we've added provisions for port fuel injection, including a billet fuel rail and anodized aluminum injector blanks to cap the injector ports when not in use. Our precision-machined injector ports feature optimized geometry for the perfect mixing of air and fuel, with no drilling required. The included PTFE -AN fuel lines and fittings are suitable for ethanol and tee into the stock fuel lines. Additionally, six nitrous ports accept 1/8 or 1/16-NPT nozzles and can be capped off when not in use.

If cooling, flow, and reliability weren't enough, we also designed our charge air cooler to fit like stock. This kit includes brackets to keep your wiring tidy, a mount to fit the stock engine cover, and custom EVAP lines for a seamless installation. A convenient cutout in the plenum allows for easy access to the oil filter, without affecting flow. Like all Mishimoto products, this performance charge air cooler for the 2021+ BMW G80 M3 is backed by our Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty for a lifetime of exceptional performance. So if you want the ultimate upgrade to squeeze serious power from your S58 engine, this Mishimoto charge air cooler manifold is for you.