Pedal Haus Aluminum Pedal Sets

Pedal Haus Aluminum Pedal Sets

Pedal Haus designs and fabricates model-specific aluminum pedals for your BMW to enhance your driving experience. The fact that any other owner will be jealous of your pedals is only a bonus. Each and every time you open the door of your BMW you will always appreciate the quality and durability built into your Pedal Haus pedals.


  • Aluminum Construction with embossed hole/stud pattern

  • Embossed studs improve grip during driving

  • Accelerator, Brake and Clutch Pedals specifically for your vehicle configuration

  • Includes Dead Pedal

  • Compatible with Manual, Automatic and DCT transmissions

  • Choice of Clear or Black Anodized Finishes

  • Includes steel drill template allowing perfect mounting holes for mounting hardware

  • Optional engraving available

  • Fits Left Hand Drive Models