Tesla Model 3 - APEX VS-5RS, Mountain Pass Performance Coilovers & Rear Camber Arms

Tesla Model 3 - APEX VS-5RS, Mountain Pass Performance Coilovers & Rear Camber Arms

This Model 3 dropped by for some major upgrades. It received a big handling upgrade with Mountain Pass Performance (MPP) Coilovers and a set of fully-forged APEX VS-5RS wheels!

MPP coilovers have been developed to offer a huge range of height adjustability with significantly more travel than stock. MPP coilovers have been developed jointly with KW Suspension, one of the leading aftermarket performance and racing suspension suppliers in the world. There is a reason why KW is the go-to pick for those that own European sports and luxury cars.

This kit takes full advantage of the twin valve technology offered by KW in their V3 line. It utilizes different valving and spring rates to maximize the ride quality of the Tesla Model 3 without sacrificing agility or performance. Make no mistake – while this kit is extremely comfortable, it still wakes the car up and gives it the handling that it should have had from the factory. This is the ideal kit if you commute through the city on a daily basis, but you also like to take your car out on the backroads or canyons for some fun.

MPP's Rear Upper Control Arms (Camber Arms) take everything we’ve learned from motorsport and road car performance for over 15 years and apply it to the Tesla Model 3 rear upper control arm. MPP knows how important it is for suspension arms to be easy to adjust, have great durability even in harsh climates, and have solid bearings rather than rubber bushings for the ultimate connection to the road.

Most aftermarket suspension arms are made using either urethane bushings, which are used because they are cheap – or spherical rod ends, which are ideal for performance but don’t last very long in sandy or salty environments. MPP's solution was to use an OEM production sealed bearing – delivering the performance of the spherical and the durability of an OE part.

The sealed bearing is just like a ball joint, it is solid and has virtually no compliance, while being lubricated and protected from corrosion. Rod ends tend to thread into a suspension arm, which makes them very easy to adjust – whereas a pressed in bearing offers no adjustment. MPP's solution is to use a threaded turnbuckle allowing for precise adjustment. Rather than use jam-nuts – which always affect the alignment when locking down the nuts – our clamping system allows the alignment technician to perfectly set the alignment, then tighten the clamp bolts without throwing off the camber.