CAE Ultra Shifter For BMW G8X M2/M3/M4

CAE Ultra Shifter For BMW G8X M2/M3/M4
The proven CAE Ultra Shifter is now available for the G8x generation of BMW M cars. Optimized for motorsport with the following features:

  • Complete kit for adaptation to BMW G8X M2/M3/M4 with 6 speed manual gearbox standard H-pattern

  • Includes Long (L) Adjustable Shift Rod 205 - 280mm (hole size). Complete kit for adaptation to BMW switch rod with all small parts and fastening material

  • No drilling in driveshaft tunnel required

  • Available in in Raw Aluminum or Anodized Black finishes

  • Short and super-precise shifting travel, exclusively H-pattern

  • Coupling system remains in its original form

  • Characterized by its optimal ergonomics with a focus on motorsports: perfect positioning of the shift lever close to the steering wheel. The shift pattern is confined to approx. 75 x 75mm

  • Activation of the reverse gear lock via cable reel from the shift lever. An accidental changing to the reverse gear is impossible. The reverse gear is unlocked by pulling up the sliding collar on the shift lever

  • Low weight and high stability: milled and lathed parts consist of 7075 aluminum alloy; the substructures are made out of 3mm milled AlMg3 aluminum. The parts are combined in the WIG welding process and brushed blank for an optimal finish

  • Problem-free shifting of gears under stress or in curves

  • Integrated 3/4 position spring, ensuring perfect feedback when changing alleys while shifting up and down.

  • 1/2 - 5/6 and reverse alleys adjustable separately.

  • Right/left stops and reverse gear stop adjustable separately

  • Shifter is intended for vehicles with interior equipment, can be installed nearly invisible (center console have to be modified for fitting over shifter)


  • Total height: approx. 345mm

  • Total length: approx. 184mm

  • Dimensions of base plate: approx. 184 x 115mm

  • Shifting travel: approx. 75mm

  • Selector travel (transverse direction): approx. 75mm

  • Weight (complete): approx. 1,68kg

  • Offset of the gear lever knob (back/up): depending on vehicle type approx. 0/100mm