Featured Products

Featured Products
  1. 2018 Individual Avus Blue F80 M3 Competition - 3D Design Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser

    2018 Individual Avus Blue F80 M3 Competition - 3D Design Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser

    Avus Blue is a well-known and well-loved BMW color option. It's one of the most coveted factory color options for the classic E36 M3. The owner of this clean F80 M3 ZCP took delivery from the BMW Individual and opted to go for the classic blue. Mostly stock, with cosmetic modifications like painted front and rear reflectors, this Avus Blue M3 got some quality carbon fiber pieces from 3D Design and BMW. 3D Design supplied the quality rear diffuser which is constructed from quality dry carbon. We install many carbon fiber parts here at EAS but speaking from experience, the best fitting parts have been from the OEM and 3D Design. We hope to see this beautiful M3 stop by again! We would recommend a suspension upgrade next...

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  2. F87 M2 - BimmerWorld TA5R Wheels

    F87 M2 - BimmerWorld TA5R Wheels

    BimmerWorld is extremely proud to release these fully featured flow-form wheels for street and race and everything in between. Stronger than what's currently on the market but at fighting weight to compete with the best out there. And with massive caliper clearance that doesn't need spacers.

    The TA5R uses the latest flow-form manufacturing process to produce a light weight, strong, BMW track wheel with huge caliper clearance for street, track, autocross, and racing use. The TA5R borrows many design elements from our forged TA16 wheel but in a more economical price range. Compared to other flow-formed wheels on the market the BimmerWorld TA5R is a similar weight but stronger, with better caliper clearance, and at a similar price point.

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  3. 2010 Space Grey E90 M3 - Ohlins DFV Coilovers & Titan7 TS-7s

    2010 Space Grey E90 M3 - Ohlins DFV Coilovers & Titan7 TS-7s

    The BMW M3 is well-known to be a do-it-all sort of vehicle, particularly the sedan variants. Whether it be by choice, economical or logistical reasons, some drivers choose to have only 1 car. The sport sedan fills in that niche well as it can be just as good on the road as it is on the track. The E90 M3 with its more-than-adequate S65 V8 is a German muscle car with four doors. When it's not being used as a grocery getter or family vehicle, one can easily remove the child seats and take it to a high performance driving event. That's exactly the kind of purpose the owner of this Space Grey car had in mind.

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  4. Black Sapphire F80 M3 - Volk Racing TE37 Ultra M-Spec, 3D Design Carbon Rear Diffuser, KW V3 Coilovers

    Black Sapphire F80 M3 - Volk Racing TE37 Ultra M-Spec, 3D Design Carbon Rear Diffuser, KW V3 Coilovers

    Another tastefully done black= M3 graces the eas blog! This time, it's a Black Sapphire F80 M3 rolling on a quality set of Volk Racing TE37 Ultras. These TE37 Ultras are specifically the M-Spec version finished in Diamond Dark Gunmetal. It's really tough to go wrong with TE37s as these proven wheels look good on almost everything. The perfectly-dialed in ride height was provided by KW Variant 3 (V3) Coilovers. To complete the look of the car, a BMW M Performance Carbon Fiber Front Lip Spoiler is up front and a 3D Design Carbon Fiber Type 2 Rear Diffuser is on the rear. Overall, a very tastefully done build with top-quality parts!

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  5. 2013 Alpine White E92 M3 - Brembo GT Big Brake Kit & HRE FF01

    2013 Alpine White E92 M3 - Brembo GT Big Brake Kit & HRE FF01

    Brembo brakes are the standard by which all other big brakes are judged. The proven, storied brand is the choice of many auto manufacturers, motorsport teams and enthusiasts. This E92 M3's owner decided to upgrade from the comparatively small OEM brakes to the Brembo GT Big Brake Kit.

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  6. 2017 Frozen Black F80 M3 - BBS FI-R

    2017 Frozen Black F80 M3 - BBS FI-R

    A black car on black wheels is a staple in the enthusiast world. A black-on-black build shows nearly as much aggression as it does restraint. That's the feeling we got from this clean Individual Frozen Black F80 M3. The owner of this mean black bruiser opted to get a high quality forged wheel and ultimately chose the BBS FI-R finished in Satin Black, perfectly complementing the Frozen Black body finish. The skeletonized spoke design not only looks cool but also keep these forged wheels even lighter. This car already had carbon fiber front splitters, sideskirts, rear diffuser and trunk spoiler. The addition of the FI-Rs truly complete this car.

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  7. Jet Black E92 M3 - ESS Tuning G1 Supercharger System

    Jet Black E92 M3 - ESS Tuning G1 Supercharger System

    Our E92 M3 project is now a host to the new ESS Tuning G1 Intercooled Supercharger System! Prior the the install of the supercharger, the only mechanical modification done to the S65 of our M3 were Macht Schnell Bypass Track Pipes and a Macht Schnell Stage 2 Intake Charge Kit. Bolting on the G1 supercharger with the 96.5mm pulley had our M3 go from 377 WHP/279 WTQ to a whopping 548 WHP/366 WTQ! Dyno sheets are near the bottom of the of this post.

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  8. 2017 Alpine White F82 M4 - KW V3 Coilovers & Flowform FF04

    2017 Alpine White F82 M4 - KW V3 Coilovers & Flowform FF04

    KW Coilovers are the go-to suspension upgrade for many of our customers who are upgrading either from stock or basic lowering springs. With proven motorsport pedigree, it's hard to go wrong with nay of KW's quality offerings. Their Version 3 (V3) Coilovers are an especilaly popular option due to features such as independently adjustable damping technology - rebound and compression damping.

    The separate and independently adjustable rebound- and compression damping allows for an individual suspension setup for different uses and preferences. The unique patented system with its two-stage valves allows a rebound damping adjustment (comfort) and a compression adjustment (driving dynamics) in the low-speed range while the high-speed range which controls the driving safety, is fixed.

    As far it is vehicle-specifically possible, the rebound damping is adjusted by a spindle at the end of the piston rod. Mainly, the traction phase (rebound) controls car body vibrations and also influences handling and comfort in the low-speed damping range. By using the traction phase adjustment, the vehicle can be adapted to the requirements of the driver. Moreover the driving behavior can be regulated from comfortably rolling to sporty and tense with improved road holding characteristics.

    The compression phase adjustment is carried out at the lower end of the shock absorber via our patented multi-purpose valve. The large number of pre-set parameters of this valve allows for a wide range of adjustment for individual use. The unique low-speed compression adjustment significantly distinguishes this technology from any other. In this compression range, the driving behavior of the vehicle is drastically influenced. An increase of the damping power supports the vehicle already during compression and therefore avoids rolling and pitching. The directional stability is significantly improved.

    Other features include:

    - "inox-line" stainless steel technology
    - Individual height adjustment
    - German TUV-tested adjustment parameters
    - High-quality components for long life
    - Comprehensive documentation for ease of use
    - Infinitely adjustable rebound damping
    - 14- level adjustable compression damping
    - Unique, independently functioning damping power adjustment

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  9. 2020 Alpine White F82 M4 - BBS Wheels, CSF, Eventuri, Evolution Racewerks, Remus, KW Suspension

    2020 Alpine White F82 M4 - BBS Wheels, CSF, Eventuri, Evolution Racewerks, Remus, KW Suspension

    It's always cool to see a customer who likes do to a lot of things in one go. The owner of this lucky M4 is certainly one of those customers. They had an eye for detail and color coordination, so lots of carbon fiber and painted parts found their way into the engine bay. The white painted engine cover along with the white CSF Top Mount Dual-Pass Charge-Air-Cooler contrasts nicely with the attractive weave pattern of the carbon fiber Eventuri Intake System. It wasn't only the visuals that got love, audio came in the form of a Remus Sport Slip-On Exhaust, one of the finest sounding systems available for the S55. To finish off the engine bay, a set of Evolution Racewerks Charge Pipes, were added to provide both bling and durability.

    On the exterior, BBS LM-R wheels provide the performance and racing heritage along with KW's HAS Height Adjustable Lowering Spring Sleeve-Over Kit. Dinmann carbon fiber fenders, matched to the body color also snuck their way in. A great start to a very detail-oriented build!

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  10. KRATOS KRAS55 Turbo Upgrade Kit For BMW S55

     KRATOS KRAS55 Turbo Upgrade Kit For BMW S55

    Greek God, KRATOS, is the personification of Strength and Power in Greek mythology. This ethos has defined the direction of the KRATOS brand.

    KRATOS came into conception through a group of engineers with 25+ years of private label design and manufacturing turbo systems for various house-hold name performance brands. These engineers saw a untouched segment in the high end European market for True OEM Style Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing Turbo System Manufacturing and through that revelation the KRATOS brand was born.

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