matte gray

  1. Space Gray E92 M3 on Matte Gray TE37s

    We've seen these sweet Matte Gray TE37s on some other M cars here before, but we really like how they look on our Space Gray E92. For some reason, the classic TE37 spoke design combined with the aggressive fitment of these wheels works incredibly well on the E9X body. The shade of paint on the wheels is nearly identical to the shade of paint of the car, but the contrast between the matte and gloss finishes makes the wheels pop! Combined with the drop provided by the KW Clubsport coilovers, this M3's low and wide stance really gives off an aggressive presence.

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  2. Matte Gray Hummer H1

    Yes, we know. It's not a BMW - it's not even European for that matter, but it IS genuinely badass. We just love it when our customers bring their cool cars to our shop regardless of what they are. Everyone here took the chance to leave the office/garage at some point to check out this awesome H1, so we thought you deserved to see it too. Enjoy.

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  3. Matte Gray E60 M5

    We just love seeing truly unique Bimmers come by our shop. Check out this beautiful matte gray (vinyl wrap) E60 M5 that stopped by yesterday for some Euro SMG coding.

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