1. Black Sapphire Metallic E92 M3 - The Sleeper

    Sleeper: Often referring to what appears to be an ordinary looking stock commuter car that is anything but stock under the hood. Producing around 340 hp to the wheels at stock, the E92 M3 was not a slow car off the line, and rather set the new standard for BMW’s 3-series line. Still being one of the most modified models from BMW, this Black Sapphire Metallic M3 has been equipped with a supercharger by ESS Tuning. ESS Tuning has rolled out a small handful of supercharger versions from the VT1-550 Non-intercooled system, to the VT2-595,-625, or -650 models which produce about 41%, 50%, and 56% horsepower increases respectively.

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  2. 2013 ESS Supercharged E92 M3 on our Dyno

    It's usually true that supercharged M3s are fitted with a long list of other modifications, but this isn't always the case. Other than its newly installed ESS Tuning VT2-600 Supercharger System, this Mineral White BMW E92 M3 is 100% bone stock. Some customers want to keep their M3 as OEM as possible while giving it a massive power increase. Unless you were to take a look under its hood or encounter this car on the drag strip, you wouldn't expect this M3 to be putting down over 520hp to the wheels. While it's difficult to classify an M3 as a true "sleeper", this E92 gets as close as you can get.

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