Perhaps the most dreaded common issue with the E46 M3 is the failure of the rear subframe mounting points. Over time, due to the constant forces that are transferred through the subframe, the body's sheet metal mounting points are weakened and eventually begin to crack. Given enough time a subframe mount might completely fail, which will very negatively affect the car's handling and power delivery.

Upon inspecting this Phoenix Yellow M3, we discovered substantial cracking on one of its subframe mounting points. To fix the problem and ensure that this will never happen again, we performed our subframe reinforcement service. By removing the subframe, repairing the damage and welding on steel reinforcement plates, the subframe is given a much stronger and resilient mounting surface that ever before. While we had everything taken apart, this M3 also received stiffer polyurethane bushings for the subframe, differential and rear trailing arms.

Now that this M3 has been repaired, reinforced and stiffeded up, it can finally head to the track without any worries.

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