track day

  1. Sparta Evolution - Triton Big Brake Kits

    Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Sparta Evolution has been an up and coming performance brake system company who began to make the name recognizable in 2012.

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  2. Photos from Speed District's Buttonwillow Track Day

    Yesterday we took our M4 & Z4M out to Buttonwillow Raceway for a track day hosted by Speed District. The turnout was a mostly BMW crowd, especially the new F8X M3s & M4s. The on-track performance of our mostly stock M4 really blew us away; we ran it super hard, non-stop, all day and it never had a single issue. Plus, driving on the recently repaved track was just a euphoric experience. We had a ton of fun out there, and we really loved seeing so many of our customers putting their BMWs to proper use. Here are some photos from throughout the day. Enjoy!

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  3. Streets of Willow Shift Sector Track Day Photos (1-21-12)

    We drove our VF620 M3 and our Z4M Coupe out to Willow Springs on Saturday to have some fun with Shift Sector Track Days. The weather forecast predicted "sheets" of rain for the entire day; luckily they were wrong! Joining us was our driver of choice, Jordan Yost, who put in lap after merciless lap in our M3 for some cool footage (coming soon!). Check out the turnout of cars that showed up, including a ZR1, an SLS and a widebody 335i.

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