ADRO Tesla Model 3 V2 Carbon Fiber Program

ADRO Tesla Model 3 V2 Carbon Fiber Program

The ADRO Tesla Model 3 V2 Carbon Fiber Program includes the following items:

The long awaited V2 carbon fiber splitter for the Tesla Model 3 is finally here. Featuring a sharp and contoured new design with winglets towards the outside, the V2 carbon fiber splitter was designed to get rid of the smooth, rounded front end of the Model 3 and completely transform it into an aggressive electric monster. The real carbon fiber construction ensures the lightest and strongest properties possible, while aiding in aerodynamics to help improve range.

Take the rear design of the Model 3 to a whole new level with the ADRO V2 rear diffuser for the Tesla Model 3. This diffuser features winglets and additional air channeling to redirect airflow, improving the Model 3's ability to cut through the air. This can slightly improve range and, thanks to the real carbon fiber construction, will turn heads everywhere your Model 3 goes.

Add some wet carbon fiber flare to the side of your Tesla Model 3 with the ADRO V2 carbon fiber side skirt kit. This side skirt is designed to redirect airflow to improve aerodynamics and slightly improve the electric range of the Model 3. Made from real hand-crafted carbon fiber and engineered to fit better than an OEM part, the V2 carbon fiber side skirts will ensure your Model 3 stands out from the rest.

Feel like the back of your Model 3 just isn't aggressive enough? The ADRO carbon fiber rear spoiler is exactly what your Model 3 is missing. Featuring a beautiful wet carbon fiber finish, sharp lines, and a perfect fit and finish, this spoiler is able to tie the styling of the Model 3 together all on its own. If you happen to have any other ADRO carbon fiber components on your Model 3, this spoiler was designed to pair perfectly with those parts as well, making it one of the easiest ways to change the entire look of your Tesla Model 3.