Apex Enduro Line VS-5RE Forged Wheel

Apex Enduro Line VS-5RE Forged Wheel

Introducing the all new Apex Forged Enduro Line wheels. Designed to withstand the combined stresses of extra sticky tires, crazy downforce, fast drivers, and inevitable mistakes. Part of our commitment to Real Performance, these are our strongest and most durable wheels, with dramatically higher load ratings, stiffer spokes, and tougher lips.

There’s a constant industry push for lighter wheels, but if saving weight is the top priority then strength and stiffness can be compromised. We see it compromised often in the pursuit of lower advertised weights, and many cars end up ill-equipped as a result. The reality is that all enthusiasts could benefit from stronger and stiffer wheels, while some critically require it.

The Enduro Line wheels are significantly stronger and stiffer compared to a Sprint Line model with the same spoke configuration, and even more so than many competitors. Adding the Enduro Line to our Forged wheel catalog gives drivers the option to choose what’s best for their needs. The intention is for the Enduro Line to become the new de-facto wheel of choice for track day enthusiasts and racers alike.

Faster drivers put much more stress on wheels than novice and intermediate drivers do. That stress is magnified by extra sticky tires and higher cornering G’s. If you add a lot of down force to a car with a wing and splitter, then that force will directly translate to an increased load on the wheels, just as if the car weighed much more. If the car is already heavy to start with, the loads can get high real quick.

Combine all those stresses together and you absolutely need a wheel with a higher load rating. Just like how heavier vehicles and trucks need progressively higher load-rated tires as the weight goes up, motorsport applications with higher wheel loads need progressively higher load ratings just to keep up.

So, why should most enthusiasts first consider our stronger Enduro wheels as opposed to a lighter alternative? Think about it for a moment. How much faster will an intermediate level driver’s HPDE lap be with a slightly lighter wheel vs. how much expensive damage can they avoid by running stronger wheels? Off track incidents are an inevitable part of the learning process. How many positions or wins does a racer give up if they experience damage after contact or an off-track excursion mid race? How much time do they give up from spokes that flex so much under load that their alignment significantly changes?

The Enduro line trades a little extra weight for a lot more strength, which is most often the better choice for enthusiasts in the long run.