BMW E46 Subframe Reinforcement

BMW E46 Subframe Reinforcement

One of the common problems that arises in the E46 3-Series & M3 is the weakening or cracking of the rear subframe mounting points in the sheet metal chassis. Over time the loading and unloading of the rear subframe will cause the sheet metal to fail, negatively affecting the handling and power delivery.

By welding a set of steel reinforcement plates onto the chassis the subframe load is distributed over a stronger and larger surface area, thus preventing future failure. This is strongly recommended as a preventative maintenance item for all E46 cars.

Our full subframe reinforcement service involves dissembling the rear subframe, suspension and drive-train components, and prepping, welding and painting reinforcement plates onto the chassis.

Note: This service requires that your car is present at our facility for 48-72 hours. A necessary subframe inspection must be performed to determine it's condition prior to service. Please call us ahead of time to schedule your appointment. Damage repair is an additional cost.

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