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Hansshow Ultra Mini Screen Display For Tesla Model 3/Y

Hansshow Ultra Mini Screen Display For Tesla Model 3/Y


  • Specially designed for Tesla Model Y 2020+ and Model 3 2017+, compatible with both Intel and AMD Ryzen CPU
  • Resolution: 960*320 , IPS touch high-definition screen with day and night modes is suitable for any scene, making you safer and more comfortable while driving.
  • The Mini Screen will not block the air outlet. When the steering wheel is adjusted to the highest position, the Mini Screen is parallel to the air outlet, and other angles are lower than the air outlet
  • Information synchronization: real-time driving data, synchronization without delay
  • Original vehicle data mold opening, Plug & Play Installation within 20min

Function Display

  • Current speed display (KM/H or MPH)
  • Battery usage
  • Front trunk status: On/Off
  • Left Front Door Status: Open/Close
  • Right Front Door Status: Open/Close
  • Left rear door status: open/closed
  • Right rear door status: open/closed
  • Left turn signal/right turn signal
  • High beam/position light/dipped beam indicator
  • Gear display
  • Handbrake reminder
  • Seat belt indicator