Lightweight Performance G81 M3 Touring

Lightweight Performance G81 M3 Touring

The G81 M3 Touring presented here has initially received the first expansion stage. With many development partners, the "Grey Mouse" was delivered fresh from the factory, which became an absolute eye-catcher while getting the visual CSL Treatment - including CSL Front Grille w/ red accent, Yellow DRLs and Carbon Front Air Intakes.

Together with Eibach, a set of springs has been developed that actually lowers the front axle by 25mm and the rear axle does not. What's that supposed to mean? "The Touring looks much too high on the front axle, but the rear axle suits us," says Müller. "We have adjusted the adjustment of the new rear spring to the modified front axle and have actually been able to make the driving behavior softer in normal operation."

Of course, a 21" wheel set (here in 10.0 x 21" and 11.5 x 21" with 275/25-21 and 295/25-21 tires) does not contribute to driving comfort; however, one can almost speak of series level with significantly more grip on the front and rear axles. Alternatively, Eibach spacers for the standard wheel set which, in conjunction with the spring set, make the Touring look like many people had hoped that it would “stand” in the series.

A visual highlight is certainly the Lightweight front lip spoiler made of carbon (almost a Lightweight tradition), which is also available in glossy black. A set of foils for the front and rear area show that this is no longer a standard touring. From the BMW shelf, the M3 still has the original M4 CSL front grill installed and is currently developing a "Yellow DRL Lamp solution" like the M4 CSL - i.e. with approval. Lightweight's own Hood/Bumper and Trunk decals set was also installed.

Of course, Lightweight, who originally started building exhaust systems more than 10 years ago, installed a rear silencer with 4 carbon tailpipes and EG approval as well as a set of optimized downpipes together with development partner HJS. This makes the Touring sound sporty, but not too exaggerated. Due to the flow optimization of the downpipes and less exhaust back pressure, the M3 revs more happily from lower speeds and more consistently in the upper speed range.