Frozen Black F80 M3 - BBS FI-R & Brembo GT Big Brake Kit

Frozen Black F80 M3 - BBS FI-R & Brembo GT Big Brake Kit

In the automotive world, BBS and Brembo are two brands that are well-known and respected. These two storied brands have a deeply rooted history in motorsport and have a reputation for quality and reliability. Factory performance cars are often seen with components from BBS and Brembo. Their reputation is no different in the aftermarket tuning world as these brands manufacture some of the most coveted parts that enthusiasts lust after.

This mean Frozen Black F80 M3 sports the lightweight but highly durable BBS FI-R wheels. These wheels aren't just good looking but they're meticulously researched, refined, and some are manufactured using BBS's special Flow Forming or Forging processes—then put through extensive structural and finish testing. Before their wheels ever hit the showroom floor, wheel loads, clearances, mounting hardware, and hub/brake dimensions have all been considered to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Behind those FI-Rs, Brembo GT Big Brake Calipers are bolted to each corner.Designed and tested specifically for track day enthusiasts and for drivers who demand the utmost performance from their cars, Brembo GT Big Brake Kits offer superlative performance for both normal driving and demanding track day sessions. Brembo kits consist of cross-drilled or slotted ventilated, integral or composite discs and aluminium calipers with 4, 6 or 8 pistons; a complete set of high performance pads; metal-braided hoses and high quality hardware.

Using radial-mounted fixed calipers together with oversized discs gives the system greater braking torque and superior thermal capacity. The result is a braking action that is noticeably more immediate and decisive even in normal road usage, and is extraordinarily powerful and consistent under the repeated loads of track use. Fixed calipers improve the durability and efficiency of the system: the opposed multiple pistons act on the pads with more precision, due to the smaller piston diameter and the reduced pressure exerted on each individual piston, while the greater overall surface area between the pads and pistons results in more uniform friction surface wear. The superlative stiffness of the calipers and the metal braided hoses reduce brake fluid absorption. The result is improved, more stable brake pedal pressure, making it possible to modulate braking force more precisely and enhancing pedal feel.




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